What’s In My Makeup Bag: French Travel Edition

Makeup is another part of my routine that inspires me. I can make myself look very natural with pulling out my best features or completely different with bold looks. While I was in France, my look was to maintain more of a natural look for my makeup. I did spend my time more without makeup than with it. Here’s what I brought with me to France in my makeup bag:

Glossier Lash Stick

At first, I did not like this mascara for the fact that it wasn’t bold enough for me. While in France, I learned to love this mascara for its simplicity and natural look. It doesn’t make your lashes too coated with the product while gently lifting your lashes.

Glossier Haloscope Stick

This highlighting stick has a golden shade that pops great on my skin. It is light enough to not be of overwhelmingly bright on the skin. I loved to apply this on my bare skin on my cheekbones and my brow bones. I have the shade ‘Topaz’

Glossier Lidstar

This cute little product is a perfect travel companion. The Glossier Lidstar product in the shade ‘Cub’ has a liquid formula that is thick enough to keep reapplying to build up a bold look. It is also perfect as a topper on eye shadow. 

Glossier Boy Brow

I did bring a lot of Glossier products with me but, this one was the best out of them all. I used this product every day with and without makeup. Boy Brow helps keep my eyebrows to look maintained from its curly state and keep fuller. I use both shades in Clear and Brown.

Fenty Beauty ProFil’tr Foundation

I love this foundation. For me, it tends to work all year round. I previously wrote about it in this article, A Full Face: How Rihanna Changed My Foundation Experience with Fenty Beauty. 

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

While I was in France, the Stunna Lip Paints came out earlier than in the US. I had the experience to try all of them out in Paris. I chose this shade, Uncuffed, as my perfect pink shade. It is the right color for a dark pink for my undertones. It is a matte formula so I usually exfoliate my lips before I use this product. 


I really enjoyed my growth in my makeup journey. This trip really gave me the opportunity to enjoy my skin. I focused more on healing my skin there instead of covering it up all the time. I truly glowed in France.




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