The Act of Self-Care: Setting July Intentions

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Recently, I have gotten into the idea of monthly intentions. Monthly intentions are a way to bring to focus goals that I want to achieve. Setting intentions are a way to keep track of your goals and to give you the motivation to execute them.

My monthly goals

Start a blog this month

Well, I would like to say this goal is accomplished! It took a lot of effort to put myself out there and actually get the ball rolling. For any who wants to start, you should go for it! There is always going to be someone who relates to you and what you are producing. Or you may inspire someone’s life. Who knows? Don’t knock it until you try it!

Cut my hair

I have been wanting to do this for a while now. It took me years to get over that my hair is just hair, and it will grow back. I always wanted super long, straight hair. Now, I realize how much I love my curls and how much I am damaging my hair. So, I’m breaking up with my Dominican hairstylist (Sorry Rommel, you’ll be missed!) and cutting my hair.

Set a daily intention and meditate

Since I’m getting back into my meditation practice, I have kept it short and sweet with around a 10-minute practice. Also, I have kept up with my daily intentions, and prayer. Journal helps a lot with this process. It’s a great act of self-care.

Practice yoga 30 minutes daily

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I want to build it into my daily lifestyle. Every lifestyle change starts with baby steps. You want to change it to a permanent habit. I have been doing yoga usually three times a week. Now, I want to do more.

Drink more water

Water, water, water. Water is the holy grail of life (and skincare).  I have a daily goal of drinking half of my body weight a day. It’s a great challenge for me that builds competition. I complete this goal with my co-workers (while we battle it out on Fitbit).

Start a new Creative Movement

Crowned College Curls is something I have been working on with my friend, Pauline. This is coming soon. Not going to mention anything to not spoil it. Fingers crossed!

What are your intentions (goals) for this month? Comment down below anything you have in mind this month or any month from the past year.  I can’t believe it’s half of the year already!

Be blessed,

Sterling x


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