What I Have Learned My Freshmen Year of College

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Freshman year is over. Wow. Time flies by fast. It seems like the all-nighters, studying by my butt off, and mentally counting to ten every time I have a critique. It was hard.

I would also say that it was enlighting. Meeting new people daily, exploring myself while being on my own, and learning what’s too much and not for my sanity’s sake.

Carpe Diem, I say. 

The good things from this experience would be my wonderful museum internship, the opportunity to explore Savannah (on foot & on a bike), and getting to try awesome food from local businesses. It was great!

At the same time, I had nights where my insomnia reached its peak and the loneliness sometimes got to me. I would say the loneliness came from not having a roommate for a while. I moved into the dorm with one roommate – I really liked her. She was having a hard time adjusting to SCAD. She was a long way from home – a native of New York, the southern charm and humidity is an adjustment. So, she decided to go back home.

In November, I sat in an empty dorm room by myself, in complete solitude having to adjust to being alone. I could have wallowed, I could have become a recluse – but I didn’t, I used that quiet time to feed my growth.

The three things I have learned are:

1. Don’t compare yourself and your work to others.

2. “Don’t Wait Until You Know Who You Are to Get Started” – Austin Kleon, Steal like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told About Being Creative

3. College is all about self-discovery. You need to know your quirks.

Know yourself, love yourself and Find yourself.

I would like for you to mention any advice in the comments below. For anything you want. For school, work, personal life. Keep the positivity going.

Be blessed,

Sterling x


Photo Credit:

Photography by AvH Photography


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