Happy Froday Atlanta: An Adventure in the Fro-Jungle

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Subi and I (behind us are Shantel & Giu)

Photo Credit: Geneva Diamond

Hello loves!

I had the opportunity to go meet Nia of Frogirlginny at the Froday x Devacurl Atlanta event.

If you don’t know what Happy Froday is, I got you covered!

Happy Froday was created by Frogirlginny as a celebration of all types of natural hair. Originally, it was every Friday but now it has expanded to an everyday celebration where many naturals come together!

Meet Nià, aka Frogirlginny

Nia aka Frogirlginny sharing her experiences with us.

Photo Credit: by me

Nià, also known as Nià the Light, is a natural hair upcoming icon growing a major following on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Originally from England, she started her natural hair care journey from the age of 16.

I relaxed my hair from 3 to 11 and then I’d big chopped!– Frogirlginny

Her natural hair care journey has led to her creation of Happy Froday, Go with the Fro Tour (with Lauren Lewis) & traveling around the world sharing her journey, tips on the natural hair life and her light among us.

First, we all talked about our personal experiences with our natural hair, introduced ourselves to each other and one thing we loved about ourselves the most. I stated that I believe I can find the positivity in all things and enjoy life. While going through the introduction process, Happy Froday had their first male fro there!

After introducing ourselves and learning what we loved most about ourselves, Nià encouraged us not just to look physical but inner being too. She had us repeat these positive affirmations:

“I love my skin. I love my hair. I am worthy. I am loved. I am beautiful.”

After we were done, we all had a chance to mingle and take photos! Nià encouraged us to take selfies with each other for a Devacurl Giveaway challenge for the best selfie and caption!

While taking photos, I had the opportunity to meet some awesome beauties!

Kii and I getting that great Atlanta lighting! 

Photo Credit: Kii

Lidya GossaGeneva Diamond being the beautiful ladies they are!

Photo Credit: by me

Keonna, Maya and I killin’ the game.

Photo Credit: Geneva Diamond

All the fros together in one picture! (And you see our male fro in the back!) 

Photo Credit: Frogirlginny

The location of the event was perfect! It was at Atlanta restaurant, Loca Luna, known for its Latin food and live music. The decor was amazing with beautiful, green plants, awe-inspiring lighting and it’s jungle-like filled with different fro-beauties! The food was very different, and it was served in buffet style.

Loca Luna Restaurant & Live Music, where the atmosphere is amazing.

Photo Credit: by me

I had Empanada de Pollo, “a guajillo marinated chicken breast with chihuahua cheese in a pastry shell topped with red pepper aioli”, Ensalada de Tomate, “heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and pearl onion salad, tossed in a herb vinaigrette dressing” and Paella Vegetariana, “Saffron Calasparra rice, vegetable blend, arugula, sofrito”. It was very filling and just enough spicy to the taste.

Yummy food.

Loca Luna Restaurant & Live Music

Photo Credit: by me

All I can say it was a blessing to meet all of these beauties and learn more about them on a personal level. Before we all left, Nià also had us write in her special notebook that all of her new fros wrote little notes to her for inspiration. Maybe, you’ll see my letter on the next stop- Washington, DC!

I am writing in Nià’s journal.

Photo Credit: Geneva Diamond

Kayla MaDonna writing in Nià’s journal.

Photo Credit: by me

Thank you, Nià  for being the ah-mazing being that you are. Keep on shining and sharing your light with everyone. Thank you Devacurl for sponsoring this event and providing the goodies. I can’t wait to try and review them.

Nià aka  Frogirlginny  & I

You will be missed, love! 


Be blessed,




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