What I Have Learned My Sophomore Year of College

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My first month of classes was quite hectic due to Hurricane Irma changing the schedules to replace classes. I see this year as a fresh start on my major of Art History, and a chance to get more involved within my community as a SCAD student. I have certain goals for myself this year that I want to keep them open for changes.

Being open to more opportunities not just in your major.

I say this because last year, I was super into things in my major and also building my career as a museum professional. I did an internship at a local museum, joined the on-campus Art History Society professional club, and volunteered at a local museum as a docent. I want to get more involved outside of my major because there is a bigger world out there filled with interesting things.

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 Taking foreign language more seriously.

I love the French language. Last year, I got so much better at pronunciation and the fear of getting things wrong. I want to make learning French a daily thing. I looking into reading French novels (starting from rudimentary to more difficult). I want to be able to understand and process French, whether it’s from someone speaking to me or listening Stromae without looking up the English lyrics.

Become more active in meditation and appreciation of my body. 

What I mean by this… Take your butt to the gym again, Sterling. I used to be really active in high school with sports and extracurricular activities. Meditation is something I enjoy a lot but, I find myself not making time for it. The result of that is becoming more stressed out and not taking care of myself properly. College is a high-stress environment, especially at SCAD. Finding ways to ease the stress mentally and physically is important to me.

These three goals are my main goals for this year. I do have intentions for every month that always keeps me focus during each month.

What are your yearly goals? Have you accomplished your yearly goals so far from the beginning of the year?

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