How DevaCurl Gives Your Hair the Ultimate Curl

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Today, I want to share with you the gift bag items I received at Happy Froday ATL!

I received these DevaCurl items, the Deva Curl Deep Sea Repair Seaweed Strengthening Mask and Super Cream.

The DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair Seaweed Strengthening Mask 


Here is the description of the DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair Seaweed Strengthening Mask:

“This ultra-reparative treatment reverses the hair-hating effects of heat damage and chemical treatments while protecting from environmental stress and breakage. The reviving formula transforms damaged hair, bringing texture and definition back to life with a lightweight look and feel.

Key Ingredients

Seaweed repairs and restores hair from chemical or heat damage

Sea Lavender moisturizes and protects from environmental stressors

Vegan Protein Blend of rice, wheat and soy strengthens, reduces breakage and split end, and increases elasticity”

  – Deva Curl

Q: How do you use it?

I personally use it for a 20-minute hair mask (and sometimes overnight). The instructions tell you not to but, sometimes I’m a rebel.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about it?

It definitely helps with the definition of my curls and moisture. It was easy to comb through with my fingers, and my curls are always drenched in moisture including my short hair.

Q: What about the smell?

The first time I used it, I really thought the scent was strong. Now, I enjoy the scent and it disappears after washing out. It does have a fragrance (parfum) in it.

Here is the link to the cream and it’s ingredients.

DevaCurl Super Cream

The DevaCurl Super Cream

Here is the description of the DevaCurl Super Cream-

“Everything! This rich, coconut oil infused styler gives you total freedom to express yourself with your curls. Whether you want to smooth, soften, shape, lengthen, moisturize, define, control, boost volume, twist-out, tame frizz, add shine or switch-up your look, SuperCream does it all.”

– DevaCurl

Q: How do you use it?

I use it in my hair while wet to get through to my curls. My hair doesn’t take it well when it’s super dry or a couple of days after washing. I usually pair this with the mask and use the cream after it. I usually apply in sections since my hair is really thick.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about it?

It makes my hair really bouncy and moisturizes it well. It doesn’t make my curls feel heavy with this cream. It’s light and rich.

Q: What about the smell?

It smells fine with the mask, and the scent a is a very light smell of coconut to me. It does contain fragrance aka perfume.

Here is the link to SuperCream and it’s ingredients.

The results

My hair was super soft that day and bouncy. It was quite hot and windy that day in Savannah as well. My hair handled the wind really well. The scent of the products together was light and airy, especially with the breeze. My hair didn’t feel oily or leave any residue with all the moisture in the products. I like the products, especially the mask!

What’s your favorite hair products from DevaCurl? These products are my first ones. I am curious to try some of their cleansing products!

Be blessed,

Sterling x

Updated: April 8th, 2018 with better photography and updated links

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