How to Learn the Art of Your Face

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A month after Accutane, my high school graduation day and pre-natural Sterling.

I can say that I definitely have hormonal adult acne (and my dermatologist agrees with me). My problem area is usually my cheeks and chin. I have been trying to solve this problem through different techniques.

What I have done:

1. Change my pillow to a silk pillow (which has helped my hair)

2. Wash my pillow (if you aren’t washing your pillow, what are you doing?)

3. DIY Face masks (French clay, Turmeric, and Honey)

4. Cleaning my phone with a microfiber cloth (I have one for my glasses and my phone)

5. Trying not to pick at my face (this I fail at most times)

Lately, I have been getting into the more natural side of skin care. I have done Accutane and my skin was beautiful… then came life. Accutane is very stressful for the skin and the body. It can cause birth defects in women, and I had the side effect of dry, itchy, peeling skin. With this and my hormonal acne, I have turned to natural skin care and how the internal can show externally.

Face Mapping

I want to introduce to you to the art of Face Mapping. Face mapping is an ancient technique that illustrates that what’s internal affects external. Here is a lovely illustration that explains the basics of it.

Source: @natural_feeling_spa

After all, your skin is your largest organ and takes many things every day like your skincare, your phone’s germs, the air pollution of your city, and more! Do your research! More ancient health ideas are coming into practice in Western skin care. Make sure you are using the right materials before trying anything.

The Art of Food

Source: @evamaisonbeauty

As I talked about before, what is internal is also external.

Food is a healer and a gift of life. You can focus on foods that encourage cell turnover (cells take an average of a month to regenerate) and brightness like ginger. The book I would recommend to ‘Eat Beautiful’ by Wendy Rowe. It’s informative with discussing Wendy’s recipes, an index of all the food items & their good qualities, and her skincare routine. Also, it’s generally pleasing to look at! Lately, I have been using her skincare routine method and it has been working well these past few weeks.

Click here to check out the ‘Eat Beautiful’* book by Wendy Rowe.

Be blessed,

Sterling x



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