Design Essentials’ New Natural Line is Everything You Want to Grow Your Hair in Four Weeks

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Hi everyone,

I want to do a review of this hair growth system from Design Essentials. I received this package as a gift from a friend (thanks, Nia).  I wanted to test out this brand since it would be a new brand to some like me.

Here’s a background of the Brand

Design Essentials is started in 1990 by the original founder, Cornell McBride Jr, who “envisioned a program that combined direct distribution of premium, quality hair care solutions with the education and knowledge to effectively use them in the salon and at home” according to their website. This product I was given is from their Natural hair care line that includes this Quinoa and Bamboo Hair Repair Collection.

For my testing, I decided not to use any other products for styling and deep conditioning my hair to get the maximum effect of the product. This collection includes the Hair Replenishing Shampoo, the Hair Repair Liquid Strengthening Masque, and the Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioning Sealant.
These products include no mineral oil, no parabens, no dyes, no sulfates, no petrolatum, no d.e.a and no t.e.a.

What’s D.E.A and T.E.A?

According to Safe, D.E.A and T.E.A. are ethanolamine compounds that have been linked to liver tumors and can cause environmental issues. They are found in soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, lotions, shaving creams, makeup and more. They are based by the European Commission, who are more known to be strict on what’s ingredients are in products compared to the USA. For more information- click here.

Back to the Collection

The Hair Replenishing Shampoo*

First thing I noticed was the smell. It smelt wonderful and that fresh scent. It reminds me of (can’t think of it at the moment). While washing, I noticed that it doesn’t build up into a foamy like texture with sulfate shampoos which is great. Plus, we really cleaned my
hair without me having to do a second wash when I felt that my hair wasn’t clean enough. Lastly, it did not make my hair feel dry unlike with some shampoos, where my curls feel dry after a wash.

The Hair Replenishing Masque*

After I lightly dried my hair with my microfiber towel, I sprayed my hair with the masque. All I can say is that I really dislike the smell of this spray. It smells like food to me but, it doesn’t smell like quinoa. I am assuming the smell is the bamboo but, I have not smelt bamboo before trying this. Anyway, I would part it in sections and spray my hair. Then I would wait about 5 to 7 minutes. For this product, you don’t rinse it.

The Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioning Sealant*

After waiting, I would comb through my hair while spraying in the leave in conditioner. I would start at the bottom and comb in upwards then repeat the opposite way to make sure the product was in good. After I was done, I would let my hair air dry.

Four-week results

Wearing Fenty Beauty Shade 300, Design Essential Hair Repair Collection and that sun glow

After the four weeks, I would say that my hair was definitely a bit stronger. My hair wasn’t breaking as much when I would comb through my hair. I would say the biggest change would be that the back of my hair grew lot during this time.

Would I purchase this on my own?

I possibly would if they were each on their own as a stand-alone. They only come in a collection and they are in a small bottle. After the four weeks, I still have a lot left in those small bottles. I would purchase the shampoo definitely, and I would say a no to the masque because of the heavy smell. For the Leave-In, I would have to try some more since I am on the fence about how well the product does in my hair.

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*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. Affiliate links are present in this post.

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