What I Have Learned this Year in 2017

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Here’s my 2017 recap. I wanted to make sure my recap was something that I really felt deeply about and here are my 7 things that I have accomplished for the year of 2017.

Starting my blog.

I wanted to share my story as a college student, who loves beauty and skin care. I went through a lot while going through puberty from tropical medicines to Accutane to natural skin care brands like Cocokind. Plus, this is a personal journey for me to share with everyone. I want this to be real and personal.

Cutting my hair and going natural.

For a while, I wanted to cut my hair. My hair was an important part of who I was as a person. I was the girl with the long pretty hair in high school and it was easy for me to use my hair to cover my acne. My hair was my curtain to hide from everyone. Now, I embrace my natural hair and I no longer hide. You can see my face, my acne, my dark spots, my eyes – everything that makes me myself.

Continuing my college education.

For many in the African American community, college is a big deal and they don’t come back after their freshman year. College is tough, especially being at an art school where the mindset is completely different. I am proud to continue my education and thankful for the opportunities that allow me to be here today.

 Learned more about Art History and the field of Museum Studies.

If you don’t know, my passion is Art History. I had the opportunity to do an unpaid internship in a museum. It was great and I learned lots about the field I want to go into. I also met Kim Drew aka Museum Mammy, who is the Social Media Manager at The Met.

Meet new people at Happy Froday ATL.

First, I went to the event to meet Nia (aka Frogirlginny, now Nia The Light) and came with an amazing group of friends that I will cherish for a lifetime. Subi, Kayla, Shaneé, Lidya, Diamond, Helen, Christina, Maya, Dominique and more (if I keep listing- we will be here all day) – thank you for being who you are and teaching more about myself each and every day.

Meeting new people at Curvy, Curly, Conscious.

These women are bad-ass! I was the youngest out of the group but I had the chance to be surrounded by a group of entrepreneurs, career-filled women together in a space appreciating ourselves as women of color. I learned more about myself through meditation, self-love and appreciating my sisters as they work hard in their goals.

Thank you for your support.

You guys have DM, texted me and just support me in this amazing journey called life. I just want to say thank you. I couldn’t do this without you guys supporting me in my life.

Be Blessed,




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