Clean and Green: How this Nail Artist Keeps Her Salon Eco Friendly

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Pure Bliss of Atlanta Salon

If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for an eco-friendly nail service, Pure Bliss of Atlanta is for you! I had the opportunity to try their services and learn more about the founder herself!

Zakiyyah Taylor is the founder of Pure Bliss of Atlanta, who started her business as a side hustle and then she turned full-time entrepreneur! When I first walked into her studio space, she made me feel comfortable as she began to work on my manicure.

As she worked, I began my interview about her mission, her company and what her goals are.


How did you get started in Eco-Nail Care?

” First, I started this business as a side hustle in helping one of my family members with her upcoming salon. I went to school (again) and got all the certifications to work, and the family member’s salon didn’t work out. Instead of working a full 9 to 5 job along raising with my one-year-old child, I decided to create my full-time business, Pure Bliss of Atlanta. “

What toxics should people be worried about in nail polish and salons?

” I focus on formaldehyde-free (a human carcinogen and irrinant that can cause rashes, irritation to eyes, nose and mouth) nail polish, organic lotions, and great ventilation. As a business owner that focuses on health, I do not create acrylic nails in my salon because of the chemicals and dust from them. I know fellow nail technician, who lost their child while working heavily in acrylic nails in a

Wearing color ‘Schnapps Out of It!*’ by OPI*

What makes your salon different than others?

” First, it’s women-owned and black-owned, which is amazing for today’s growing minority
entrepreneurs. I focus currently on women, natural and non-toxic products. I am also a mobile business that does nails, waxing, facials, hot stone massages and more.”

What do you see for your business in the future?

” I want my business to become a wellness center that focuses on women’s health and growth. I still want to offer the original services I have today and also expand my space. I am heavily interested in aesthetics, the study of skin.”

Last question, what’s your favorite nail polish brand?

” Easy. That’s Orly Breathable Nail Polish*.”

Finally finished with my nails and her interview, I really enjoyed talking to her. The experience was enjoyable with the calm and personable atmosphere in her studio. I chose a gel manicure with the color ‘Schnapps Out of It!*’ by OPI*. It’s a dusty rose color that I feel is perfect for spring.

This was my first time getting a gel manicure and it’s supposed to last two weeks! I will be keeping an eye out for the time period.

The perfect color for spring!

I received this manicure for free exchange for an honest review of my experience and feedback of Pure Bliss of Atlanta.

The service I received was ‘Make Em Gelish at a $25 (and up) USD value.

Be blessed,



This post contains my honest opinion about the service given. This post is not sponsored by any nail brands or company and all opinions are my own. Affiliate links are present in this post.

Check out some of her other work on her Instagram.


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