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My Favorite Products, 10 Tips and answering your questions!

Hi everyone!

If you are new to the blog, welcome! If not, welcome back! If you follow me on Instagram, this week I have heavily been posting about this amazing brand called Cocokind Skincare. I am proud to announce I am a brand ambassador for the company. Let’s hop to the good stuff: my favorite products from the brand and how I use them!

The Products I have…

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil, Organic Rosewater Facial Toner (Travel Size), Golden Elixir (Travel Size), Organic Chlorophyll Mask, Cocokind Collective Tumeric Spot Treatment Stick, Cocokind Collective MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick, and the Organic All-Purpose Salve. I did find the Organic All-Purpose Salve at TJ Maxx. Who knew?

I have a lot of products, and I have tried a sample size of the Organic Sea Moss Exfoliator (which is on my next purchase list)!

Which ones are your Favorite Products out of your stash?

I have three: The Tumeric Spot Treatment Stick, Organic Chlorophyll Mask, and the Organic Rosewater Facial Toner. The Tumeric stick is perfect for those with more-melanin rich (see what I did there) skin to reduce the hyperpigmentation (aka dark spots) without a person looking a bit ashy or accidentally bleachy their skin (not good!).

The Chlorophyll Mask is so versatile, where you can add the Rosewater to the mix and even place the Tumeric Spot Treatment under the Mask without being harsh. I sometimes add Indian Healing Clay along with this mask to make a super thick mixture for dewy, glowy skin. I have that recipe here on my Instagram.

How affordable are these products, really?

I can list the prices as well. They work well with my college budget and super versatile that I can use for multiple things.  They are online, and accessible in stores like Whole Foods, GNC, some selected Bed Bath and Beyond stores and selected groceries stores. Online, they have in their personal store, American Eagle, Anthropologie, and Free PeopleHere is the locator.

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil – $13.99 USD

Organic Rosewater Facial TonerFull $16.99 // Trial Size – $8.99 USD

Golden Elixir  Full $24.99 USD // Travel Size – $8.99 USD

Organic Chlorophyll Mask – $18.99 USD

Cocokind Collective Tumeric Spot Treatment Stick – $8.99 USD

Cocokind Collective MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick – $8.99 USD

Organic All-Purpose Salve – $10.99 USD [I did find my own at TJ Maxx for $6.99 USD but, that was a random purchase]

Organic Sea Moss Exfoliator – $16.99 USD

Is it a true women-owned business?

Yes! This business was founded and owned by an amazing woman named Priscilla Tsai. She runs the Instagram account for the business as well and super helpful with any tips. She also has a series on Fridays for the company to answer your questions! Plus, she actively shows all the women who work with her. Their mission statement is providing accessible, affordable skincare that empowers women.

The Chrolophyll Mask

If you are a female entrepreneur starting a business, they just launched the Cocokind Impact Foundation that provides financial grants and mentorship! Click here for more information.

Does this company test on animals and sell in China?

Nope! This company is animal cruelty-free and they don’t sell in China. Here is an article by Cocokind Skincare themselves from 2016 on why they stand by their decision not to sell in China and their reasons why.


They are always open and honest about their company, which I really enjoy! They are a certified organic and fair trade company as well.





What are your favorite tips and tricks for Cocokind Skincare?

This is one of my favorite questions! I have 10 tips that you can use. You ready?

1. Using the MyMatcha stick, place it in the fridge overnight or 10-15 minutes to have a cooling experience for your under eyes in the morning.

2. Placing your Tumeric Spot Treatment under your Chrolophyll Mask is like a match made in heaven.

3. Using the Golden Elixir after you shave helps with the razor bumps and smells amazing!

4. Pair the Organic Sea Exfoliator and the Chrolophyll Mask for a spa day. Use the exfoliator under your arms first to remove the dirt and old deodorant. Then use the Chrolophyll Mask under your arms to remove the impurities from sweating and absorbing the toxins from the deodorant (I hope you are using natural deodorant!)

5. After cleaning those underarms, use the Cleansing Oil to shave those pits! I use two pumps and place it on my underarms. I use my Razor blade to shave it away.

The Rosewater Toner

6. For shaving, I tried this and it was amazing! The creaminess of the Organic All-Purpose Salve makes your razor easy to shave those stubborn hairs (I would know, I am taking hair vitamins).

7. Using the Sea Moss Exfoliator on the Bikini Line instead, it’s much softer and your skin will love you. Coffee and Sugar have too sharp edges for the skin.

8. The Rosewater Toner and the Golden Elixir together give you a dewy look. Use one to two pumps of the Elixir with one to two sprays of the Rosewater Toner, then add to your face.

9. Using the Cleansing Oil or the Elixir as pre-poo (before shampoo) mask. Add a few pumps to your hands, split your hair into sections with the oil. You can even do a scalp massage as you place it in your hair.

10. Moisture, moisture, moisture and growth serum. Using the Elixir to your eyebrows and your cuticles. For your eyebrows, add one pump to your hand and use a spoolie brush to brush it through in the direction you want. Do this every night for growth and to train your eyebrows! On your nails, add one pump to your hand (or use the travel roll on) to add to your cuticles every night.

That’s it! If you want more tips, stay connected with me on Instagram, where I am constantly updating on those tips!

I do have a discount for you! This discount ends today, 4/6! It’s a 30% discount on all online orders (on their website) $50 USD and more. The code is ‘ALLSILVERTHINGS‘!

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