#Summit21: Filled with Black Girl Magic

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Summit 21 was a beautiful experience filled with amazing, black women together in one space. Summit 21 is a conference created by 21 Ninety, a media company created by Blavity that focuses on changing the beauty and lifestyle of black women. This year’s conference was in Atlanta and located downtown at AmericasMart Atlanta.

This year’s line up of women was simply breathtaking. From Latham Thomas (Glow Maven) to my mentor, Vic Styles. These women all came together in this safe space to keep it real with us about our challenges of being black women, how to improve ourselves and everyone sharing their stories. Along the way, we got free goodies from Chateau 21, curated by Our Bom, and Gallery 21, which include black art & authors.

Breakout Sessions

I attended so many breakout sessions that dropped so much knowledge on me. From learning how to build an e-course, defining my personal style, learning more about PR and all the beauty sessions like Beauty x Tech, Beauty x Marketing, the Evolution of Black Beauty. The list goes on and on. I also looked into some of the Impact Sessions that talked about political activism.

In the Melanin Maintenance, Dr. Michelle Henry was giving us a huge lesson on how to take care of melanin skin. She dropped her favorite ingredients, products, and tips.

Skin filled with Melanin has –

1. large, leaky melanosomes, which makes our skin melanin

2. Larger Fibroblasts, which holds the volume of our skin

3. Elliptical Shaped Hair Shaft, which makes our hair drier & need of moisture

4. Black does crack but we age 10 years later than other races

5. We age by losing volume and the area around the eyes & neck are the first to be seen.

Let me know if you want to see another post on this information since it is so much.

In the ‘Power of Sh’e Session, Cheryl Person-McNeil was dropping gems on the power of marketing towards Black Women. “We have an opinion and we aren’t afraid to use it,” on the power of Black Women in the Beauty Industry. The three biggest platforms that Black Women can be found: 92% of us listening to Radio (14 hours 7 minutes a week), 90% of us watching TV (56 hours per week), and 86% of us on social media (5 hours or more a day). Black women spend 2x more likely to spend money on hair products compared to our ethic cohorts (Asian, Hispanic, etc).

Fireside Chats

The fireside chats got super real. I got the opportunity to see Angela Rye talk about her political journey and not changing herself for anyone.

Ashley Blaine (Dear White People) and Robin Thede (The Rundown with Robin Thede) were hilarious but, mentioned some key points in talking about their passion vs. purpose. Ashley even talked about her experience living in LA, being unemployed and friends with Lena Waithe & Justin Simien. Robin talked about her experience trusting God to get her where she needed to go, even when she questioned herself.

Alex Wolf (Founder of Boss Babe, Inc.)gave a beautiful presentation on the Capitalizing on Your Blackness and Defending from Cultural Appropriation. Alex shared this, “As a black woman, you are already culturally wealthy” and ” When we [black people] underestimate, we undervalue.” She shared her “Issa (Rae)-Cardi Theory” that focused on how their realness as black women changed the perception of black women in the media industry.

The Love

This conference was filled with so much love and enjoy. I got to meet so many women in one space. I met so many new friends. I got to see my Creative Girl Hangout gang again. I finally got to meet my mentor, Vic Styles in person. This space was filled me with so much joy, wonder, and happiness. I want to thank 21 Ninety, Blavity, Travel Noire, and all the sponsors there!

What I Wore

Day 1 Look

Shirt – Vintage Banana Republic
Romper – BB Dakota, purchased at Squash Blossom Boutique
Shoes – Free People, purchased at Squash Blossom Boutique

Day 2 Look

Dress – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Converse

Be blessed,

Sterling x


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