The Cities of Provence: Lacoste

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image: girl with braids looking at the camera as she poses in front of a double rainbow
Welcome to Lacoste

To find Lacoste, one must pass through various hills filled with vineyards and old Roman pathways. Through those hills of the Luberon valley, there is the town of Lacoste with the Chateau peaking out of the morning fog and the church bell ringing to wake up the sleepy village. Welcome to Lacoste.

Lacoste is a small village town in the south of France. This region is known as Provence. Its known for its great vineyards that produce some of the most excellent wine you will ever have. The Rosé here is amazing and less expensive than most since so much is produced here.

Lacoste is another home to my university’s study abroad program. I was studying for an 8-week program learning about the history of the region through traveling, painting and absorbing the environment of Lacoste. It is also a wonderful place for me to practice my French skills since many don’t speak English here.

Since it is such a small town, most of my time here is spent working on my art practice along with taking in all the knowledge from my professors about the region of Provence. It has been helpful and refreshing to get back to painting again. I haven’t painted for pleasure since I graduated high school, and I am now surrounded by subjects that I enjoy.

Outside of painting and learning, I have been enjoying my time by working in the university’s library, giving tours to visitors in the university’s galleries and working in art sales too. I am just awed and thankful for the opportunity to enjoy my time here in Lacoste.

If you ever visit Lacoste, take a chance to explore the Chateau that is owned by the designer Pierre Cardin. Explore the village through the old caves and interact with the locals that bring life into the environment. Also, take a look at all the students that are studying here and enjoying their time.

Until then be blessed,

Sterling x ♡


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