What 6 Products You Need For The Ultimate Skincare Routine

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There are so many products out there for skincare now. The market is further expanding with new products daily, and it’s good to get a breakdown of products to start you off. Here’s how to breakdown your skincare routine to find skincare basics perfect for you:


You can cleanse your face in many ways from a water-based one to an oil-based one. Everyone needs a cleanser. This step is important because you need to remove all the dirt, pollution, makeup and dead skin cells from your face & neck every day.

Tip 1: Choose a cleanser that will work for you depending on your skin type from normal, dry, oily, sensitized and sensitive skin. (I included sensitized skin because your skin may react well to one product but, may be sensitive to it later.) You can get samples of the new cleanser and begin testing them using the patch testing method. You test either on a certain section of your skin, i.e. the back of the hand, your arm or behind your ear.

Tip 2: Wash your face for 60 seconds. Thanks to the recommendation of the @LABeautyologist on Twitter for sharing this. It has changed my skin’s texture and breaking down the dirt on my skin beyond the surface. You can sing a tv theme song to make sure you complete it (I sing Will Smith’s ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ or the intro or the first verse of Paramore’s ‘I Caught Myself‘).


Some say you don’t need toner. I disagree. Toners can hydrate, restore balance to your skin’s p.h. levels, and even break down the skin cells further to make sure your next product is effective. Choosing a toner is hard so, do your research on what goal you want to achieve with your skin.

Tip 1: Some toners also include acids. Acids sound like a scary thing but it’s not! Glycolic acid can help with moisturizing, hyperpigmentation and exfoliating further into the skin. These are exfoliating toners and only use these types of toners once or twice a week.


After toning, it’s important to exfoliate your dead skin cells and encourage good skin turn over. There are two types of exfoliators: a physical and a chemical one. A physical exfoliator, for example, is like scrubs. Chemical exfoliators are acids like BHA, AHA, and PHA. I honestly prefer chemical down to break down the hyperpigmentation I have.

Tip 1: Do your research on what acids are the right ones for you. There are many acids that are under the umbrella of BHA, AHA, PHA, etc.

Tip 2: When you start chemical exfoliators, use it sparely. Your skin will have what’s called a purging process. It shows your skin getting softer and removing the dead skin cells.. Your skin may react in places with red bumps. A good example of a first-time acid use is my Glossier Solution review. 


Serums, serums, serums- oh how I love you! Any issue that you may have, these bad boys can target them even further. From dark spots, enlarger porers, evening out the complexion, and more – there is a serum for you.

Tip 1: Find a good serum can be a hard task depending on what you are targeting. There are ones for different needs. This is the time to get samples, do your research and make sure you find an authorized retailer if you are buying an expensive one.


You may have oily skin but everyone needs one! From dry, normal, oily to sensitive skin, everyone needs a moisturizer especially if you are using strong products. This helps your skin seal the products you have been using by moisturizing the skin barrier and keeps it nice & tucked in.

Tip 1: If you have oily skin, I would avoid oil-free moisturizer. Your skin is producing that oil to moisturize your skin in the first place. If you block your oil glands from producing oil, the skin makes more in reaction to it.

Tip 2: One day, try a moisturizer that does not contain fragrance. Especially those who are sensitive to scents. This also means avoiding ones with EO aka essential oils. Some moisturizer I have seen place EO’s in them without placing a carrier oil (an oil to balance the harsh effects of the EOs) in them. You have carrier oils to help the EO’s not damaged your skin barriers.

Tip 3: Pat in your moisturizer instead of rubbing. I find with patting the product is placed more effectively and it lasts longer.


If you aren’t wearing sunscreen every day, oh baby what are you doing? After all the products I have mentioned above, you aren’t protecting your hard work. Protect yourself and your skin at all cost. I am going to tell you especially for those with darker skin- it’s a myth that you don’t need sunscreen.

Tip 1: Wear a sunscreen that covers all the bases like SPF 50. Make sure you are covering your face, neck, and hands since they are the first signs of aging.

Tip 2: Reapply during the day- every 2 to 3 hours. If you are wearing makeup, look into options of sunscreen makeup powders like Supergoop to reapply on your face.

Tip 3: Make sure you get under your eyes. Your eyes are sensitive and the thinnest layer of your skin. Protect your skin around your nose too! These places show signs of hyperpigmentation, especially of a darker skin tone.

All of these products are custom to YOUR needs. There are so many products on the market that use marketing to tell you that you “need” this product. Do your research, test with samples and find your holy grails. As a blogger, I am here to share my product recommendations and my personal experiences with these products. You ahead and conquer your skincare regime!

Until then,

Sterling x ♡


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