How To Take Care of Your Protective Hair Style

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As you may know, it’s summertime. That means protective hairstyles are here to stay. What are protective hairstyles? For natural hair, it is the perfect way to allow your hair to take a break from styling and damage. Braids, twists, weaves and more are considered protective hairstyling. My favorites are box braids. Here is how to take care of your protective hairstyle.

Before You Get the Protective Style

If you are getting any type of protective style, you will need some hair. After a trip to the beauty supply store, you will have all the hair you need to get started with the style. Before you use it, make sure you wash the hair. The hair is covered with a thin film created by the hair companies to protect it. It needs something acidic to get the film covering off. To wash it, take a mixture of vinegar and water to soak the hair for 15 minutes. After you soak it, you will see the film rise in the mixture. Rinse the hair. Make sure you let your hair dry overnight before your hair appointment.


After You Get the Style

Perfect! You have your protective hairstyle and now you need to take care of it. First, make sure you have a scarf, bonnet or durag to cover the top of your head. This will help prevent your hair from getting frizzy over time. I prefer to use a scarf with hair foam*. This ensures that your hair will stay down under your scarf.

Upkeep of your Hair

While you have your style, you have to wash your hair. The beauty of the industry shows that there are many products on the market to help with washing your protective hairstyles. One of my favorites will be the Cantu TXTR line’s shampoo*. I currently use this one to wash my hair. After you wash your hair, you need moisture. I will moisturize my scalp with Tropic Living’s Jamaican Castor Oil*. This oil will also help my hair grow too.


Protective Hair Styles can keep your hair feeling safe and secure from a couple of weeks to months. I currently have my box braids in my hair. It is easier to manage my hair, and I don’t have to do my hair every day. The perfect, summer hairstyle.

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