What I Learned My Junior Year of College

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As they say, all good things may come to an end. I know, my senior year will be a great one. Every year, I have written a post about what I have learned in those years. My freshman year was filled with new people and experiences. My sophomore year was filled with self-growth and reflection. My junior year has come to a close and here are five things I have learned my junior year:


It is okay to not be happy all the time.

In the movies, they made college seem like a fairytale filled with fun. In reality, it is many late nights, questioning your decisions and wondering if you are truly happy.


You can’t escape your problems all the time. You need to live in reality.

I used to sleep a lot in my early part of my junior year. Some of it was sleep deprivation and other times were moments of escapism. Reality is here, it is now. Live in it.


Traveling can change your entire mindset. College does, too.

Traveling to a new country really opened the doors for me. I lived in Lacoste, France for about three months. I had a chance to live on my own and be on my own in a new environment. I helped me grow into relying on my decisions.


It’s okay to be outside of your comfort zone. Junior year should be challenging. 

I truly used the power of yes in taking opportunities that may have made me uncomfortable for a while. It was all for self-growth and reflection. 

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It’s okay to let go and take a break.

I know I work very hard in my personal, work, school and social life. It’s okay to take a break. I took a break from social media and work to have a week to myself without doing anything. I have started implementing this into my practice of self-care. I do not like the feeling of burnout. 


Out of all these things I have learned this school year, there is one word that I describe my whole year. The word is gratefulness. I am grateful to have all these opportunities, my friends, my family and more. I am grateful to have this life. I honor that with the saying, Honor Your Grateful. Join me in gratefulness. 




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