A Foodie’s Guide to Savannah

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Savannah may be a small town compared to Atlanta, but it is definitely a big place for small businesses and restaurants. Being a college student, I love exploring and going out to eat. I personally love working in coffee shops here. Out of the many places I have tried in the past three years, Savannah has been booming in business with restaurants and great experiences. Here are my 10 recommendations for eating in Savannah:

Fox & Fig

This place is very for those who are plant-based and vegan. If you want to try vegan food or bring someone to try it, this is a great spot! The staff here is so friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have. 

I have been to this place since it first opened. It has been through some menu changes. My favorite will be the Fox Burger that is made with Beyond Meat and the side of New Orleans Style Voodoo Chips. I have also tried the milkshakes that are made with Leopold’s coconut ice cream. The cookies especially chocolate chip one are fantastic. I prefer tea over coffee and my favorites are the Earl Grey + Lavender, the Savannah Breakfast Blend, and Emerald Energy. 

For the food, I have tried the Fox Burger (great), the Plant-Based Chilli (Winter Menu), and Breakfast Tacos (I am not sure if it’s still on the menu). They have now replaced their almond milk with Oat Milk. Overall, I enjoy my experience here.

The Frali Gourmet

If you are looking for authentic Italian food, this is the place. It is literally my favorite place to eat. It is small, family-owned and I always take my visiting friends for something special. The red pepper dipping sauce is their signature sauce that I have even tried as a pasta sauce. They allow great customization with meals, especially with their kinds of ravioli. They have their own pasta sauces, dry pasta, desserts, drinks and frozen meals to take home. It’s a one-stop-shop. Overall, the food, atmosphere, and family here is excellent. It is one of the main places I take people to when they visit Savannah.

Little Duck Diner

The diner is a beautiful atmosphere filled with great food. The diner is in the downtown area that sometimes gets quite busy during tourist season. For the food, my favorite item on the menu is their biscuits. They are the perfect, fluffy biscuits. For those who are vegetarian or vegan, I personally don’t this is the place for you. I tend not to eat meat just an occasional fish every few months. Many of their dishes are meat-based except for their breakfast.

Bella Napoli Italian Bistro

This place is located downtown and perfect if you want a small space for Italian food. I love to get different kinds of pasta with bread. It is a very family-style serving that’s more expensive for good quality food. The service here is very attentive to different groups in the restaurant. 

Fork & Dagger

When I first walked in, I realized I was in a hidden gem. It has the hole-in-the-wall feeling when you walk in plus the sound of the music is a great sign. Since I was working on a paper, I got something easy. I had a grilled cheese with tomato paired with the soup of the day. It was a creamy soup with tomato in it, a perfect pair. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and it was a great place to work for a couple of hours.

Le Cafe Gourmet

This small cafe is off of Broughton Street. The cafe is owned by a French couple that creates great pastries, crepes, and tea. The food here is very light and adaptable to your needs. I love the vegan crepe with tomatoes and spinach. It’s a great place to get a quick bite to eat.

The Gallery Espresso

It is one of the best coffee shops in Savannah. It is in a prime location downtown to come to sit, work and meet people. I always enjoy their great taste in music with a Savannah Fog. 

Geneva’s Famous Chicken and Cornbread

This place is blessed with a beautiful staff that has gifted hands. I am a Southern girl and this is PEAK Southern cooking. I had the crab cakes, fries, green beans, cornbread, and bread butter. The food was just the right amount was savory without everything better too salty or sweet like some southern-style places in Savannah. The Sweet Tea here is perfect. It isn’t in the downtown area but it is in a shopping plaza near Victory Target. It is worth a trip.

The Paris Market & Brocante

This place is a market and a small cafe. The decor here is always changing to something new to check your eye. They offer some amazing drinks including some that they originate from Europe like Orangina. I usually get a croissant from there with my favorite tea, The Queen’s Guard. 

The Foundery Coffee Pub

This little cafe is one of my favorites to sit, read and do work. It is in the Victorian District so, it is not in the downtown area. This is cafe is perfect for students who want to meet up or just want to sit to do some work for a couple of hours. 

Out of the places I have been, I truly love trying new places and food. Do you have any recommendations for food? Drops some recommendations!


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