How to Experience Your Best Self

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In order to have a good life, you must experience what it is like to live your best self. What is your best self? Your best self is enjoying every single moment that is happening to you right now. You radiate positivity and live in a space of pure joy. For some people, it is possible and for others, it isn’t. It is important to share that joy with others in any way you can.


Take a Step Back

Breathe. You are here with us. It may seem overwhelming now but later it gets better. Take those days off. Take that time to rejoice that you are here, alive and well. Hug yourself and your loved ones.


Get a Reality Check

Life may not be as bad as it seems. Think and look around you for others who may have situations different than your own. Does it seem worse to you than your own situation? Reality is not filled with joy and happiness 24/7. Having that self-realization can help you understand that better. 

A girl posing in front of a wall mural at Art Basel Miami

Take Care of Your Health

You may have people counting on you. How can you achieve those tasks if you are putting yourself on the end of the list. Take those days off, go to the doctor, turn off your phone and set your boundaries. 


Your Best Self may need some help right now. Take the time to look around, understand what is going on and make a plan for YOU. As my Nana says, “No one is going to take care of you the best like YOU.”


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