What I Learned In 2019

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As I sit on a flight to NYC, I have taken a moment to reflect on my year. 2019 – the last year of the decade and one that challenged for the better (and sometimes the worst). I expanded my horizons and I am so close to the end of my college career that it scares me sometimes. 

Out of all the things I have experienced, I am grateful. So much. I met so many people and entered new chapters of my life that I have never foreseen. Reflection and abundance were my words for 2019. I had plenty of it. 

Reflection on my actions, thoughts and environments. I decided to make a change for myself. I added a second major to my college career. It brought me back into so much happiness and new memories. I changed how I thought about myself. I became more confident and self-aware of my personal feelings. I changed my job. I moved on from a job that wasn’t treating me right to a job that I love to learn from everyday. 

Abundance is truly a great word for 2019. Abundance of time, effort and knowledge that I learned. Abundance of blessings that inspired me to do more. I created content for brands that I loved. Interviewed people that inspired me with their stories. Abundance of challenges that changed me for the better. 

I personally felt that 2019 felt like two years. The overflow of love and self-awareness made it feel that way. For 2020, it’s a new decade. To more challenges, adventures and knowledge. 

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