5 Black Owned Perfume Brands You Need to Try

The perfect smell of fragrance can change your whole day. From the first spray in the morning to walking down the street, fragrance can change your mood. It can make you feel better after a long day. It even smells amazing as you dance around to our playlist. To us, the fragrance is the first step into true luxury. If you are looking for new black-owned perfume brands to try, look no further than here. 


The Beauté Study Image | Nick Ricardo Collection
Nick Ricardo Collection (Courtesy of the Brand)

Nick Ricardo Collection

This perfume collection provides beautiful scents for everyone on the gender spectrum with this gender-neutral line. The line was created by the perfumer, Nick Yeast. The powerful scents of Lemongrass, Pinot Noir Grapes, Patchouli and Amber in the Eau de perfumes of Desire and Turbulent. The products are available online at the Nick Ricardo Collection.

The Beauté Study | Maya Njie Perfumes
Maya Njie Perfumes (Courtesy of the Brand)

Maya Njie Perfumes

This perfume brand is from the vision of the perfumer, Maya Njie. Originally from Sweden, Maya moved to London and began to experiment with the medium of fragrance after she graduated from the University of Arts London. Her perfumes are fun, sweet, and feminine with notes like Pulpy Fig, Citrusy Magnolia, Coconut, Citrus, and Pineapple. Their products are available in-store at Liberty London, Muse Experience (NYC), The Conran Shop, and online at her website.


The Beauté Study Image | Savoir Faire Fragrances
Savoir Faire Fragrances (Courtesy of the Brand)


Savoir Faire Fragrances

This perfume company provides bold and sensual perfumes by the perfumer, Chris Classic. Originally from NYC, he moved to Atlanta and he creates his perfumes himself. The line offers three fragrances, Beau Noir, Soul Cafe, and their Signature Scent. If you are looking for scents that have musks, woods, and leather, this is the line for you. Their products are available online at  Savoir Faire Fragrances. 

The Beauté Study Image | World of Chris Collins Sweet Taboo
World of Chris Collins ‘Sweet Taboo’ (courtesy of the brand}

World of Chris Collins

This brand is from the visionary perfume designer Chris Collins. He created a world of scents and pleasure with through notes like Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Musk into his Dark Romance collection. Mysterious and full of sensorial pleasure to the senses. His products are available in-store at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, Ron Robinson in California, Jovoy in London, Paris, Doha, and Dubai, and online on his website.

The Beauté Study Image | PM Fragrances
PM Fragrances (Courtesy of the Brand)

Pink MahoHany Fragrances 

This brand is created by the perfumer, Chavalia, who is based in Texas. She created her perfume line in 2005 on Etsy that showcases her experience with notes like Pineapple and Sugar to give you a sweet but sensual experience. A niche line that will have everyone ask ‘where did you get that?’ You can purchase her fragrances online at her Etsy shop. 



Out of all these fragrances, you support a Black perfumer. Black Perfumers are rare to be seen in the fragrance industry. It was a struggle for us to find Black Owned Perfume Brands. They are out there but, not enough. The industry makes it harder to enter into the class prices to the materials costs. We hope that you enjoy these brands as much as we do and continue to support them. 


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