5 Tips for Wanting Better Brows

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Everyone wants to know how to get better brows. The growing trend from 2010’s fashion muse, Cara Delevingne, that still runs the beauty industry for the bold beautiful feature. In this trend, we see a growing number of ladies wanting to know how to grow their brows. Here are 5 tips for better brows. 


Put down your tweezer

Yes, it may be you. Put down your tweezer. Over plucking has been the death of our brows for generations. From the thin ones of the ’90s to the thick ones of ‘10’s, putting your tweezers down to let them grow will help you in the long run. 


Add Oil for Growth

Hair growth oils are a staple for any woman growing hair. We recommend using oils like castor oil (like this product), jojoba oil, or almond oil. It will hydrate your hair while encouraging the growth of them. 


Change your Brow Tool

Are you using old spoolie? It’s time for an upgrade! Like your makeup brushes, you need to update and clean your spoolies too. We recommend this spoolie and washing it every week with your makeup brushes. Using a dirty spoolie that is filled with old hairs is not benefiting your hair growth. It can affect them with dirt, germs, and bacteria. 


Brush your brows upwards

Brushing them upwards gives it a cleaner look. If you have long brow hairs, using an upward motion can help your them stay in shape and grow in a better direction. We recommend brushing your them every morning and night. 


Check your Brow Product

Is it too waxy for your brow? If you are not cleaning your brows from the product, it can cause build-up and bumps near your brows. It can be frustrating when your brows have acne, bumps, and ingrown hairs all from the product build-up. 

You can use all these tips together to improve your brows. We recommend trying these techniques together for a period of three months. The longer you use these techniques, the better your brows will become every day. What’s your favorite brow tip?


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