6 Products You Need In Your Body Care Routine

The Beauté Study | 6 Products You Need In Your Body Care Routine | Photography by Photo by Holger Link
Photo by Holger Link

Your body takes up most of your skin. Don’t you think you should take care of it like your face? Your body care routine is just as important as your skincare routine. If you need some help, we put together 6 product recommendations you need in your body care routine.


Washing your body is important. Know more than ever you can find specialized body care on the market to treat problems like hyperpigmentation, dryness, and much more. We love body cleansers that give us a clean feeling without stripping us of moisture in our warm showers. We recommend this cleanser for day to day use and this one for light exfoliation. 


Lotions are good all year round not just for winter. We love to apply our lotions after the shower to give us a smooth feeling on our skin. There are so many lotions on the market but, we recommend this one for every day and this one at night. 


Exfoliation is great everywhere on your body. From physical, chemical, and manual exfoliators, we love them all. Physical exfoliators usually have a type of gritty substance it into work against your skin. We recommend this polish for a physical exfoliator. Chemical exfoliators are the greatest love in our body care routines. It can help you break down your hyperpigmentation much faster. We love this chemical exfoliator and this roll-on for razer bumps. Manual exfoliators are what we call the gloves and hand clothes since we use our lovely hands to use them. We recommend this glove.


From working to walking around day today, you may be on your feet on moving around. So, take care of your feet especially your heels. Use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells and build-up from your heels, arch, and toes. It’s an instant soother to your aching feet. We recommend this product to remove it. If you need some extra work, try this foot peel.

Body Masks

Did you say body masks? Yes, we did. You can mask your body too. From your chest to your beautiful legs, your body needs some tender love and care from the day too. We have even seen body masks come onto the market. We recommend this body mask for your routine.

Body Soak

We love body soaks. From using Epson salt to mustard baths, we have tried so many to soothe our skin. We like baths especially during the winter to prevent sickness. We recommend this bath soak to help sweat out the toxins in the bath. If you want to relax, we recommend this Epson salt, and this bath soak together to ensure a peaceful sleep afterward.

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