Coty Introduces A Touchless Fragrance Tester

The future of fragrance industry has been exploring new ways to have consumers experience the product. The company, Coty, which is home to fragrances like Gucci, Burberry and Marc Jacobs has come out with a new way of fragrance sampling. It has released a Coty touchless fragrance tester. The company partnered with the start up Êverie.  It’s a start up that specializes in smart devices and diffusion technologies.

About the Device

It will give consumers the chance to try a fragrance without interacting the bottle or sale associate. The touchless fragrance tester allows the consumer to receive a droplet on their wrist or elbow and prevents the over spraying of a tester bottle. The staff at The Beaute Study agrees that this is a wonderful invention for the industry. It gives consumers to get a chance to try the product. Next, it also changes how the industry views hygiene practices post initial breakout of Covid. The pandemic has affected how each one of us shops in stores.

Coty and Everie’s invention will be able to work for weeks at a time without a battery recharge. The devices will reduce the perfume tester costs for sustainability. It will be compatible with all Coty’s fragrance testers and can be uniquely personalized to each of Coty’s brands. Coty’s goal is to begin rolling out these testers within the next 12 months after it’s initial announcement in July 2021.

As the fragrance industry increases, beauty companies are thinking of new ways of engagement. This touchless fragrance tester bridges those desires with the aspect of sustainability and beauty technology.

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