How to Smell Irresistible Masterclass

Fragrance 101: How to Smell Irresistible

About The Class

In this one-hour online class, we will teach you the art of fragrance and how to smell absolutely irresistible. The art of building an alluring scent is the secret no one talked about until now.

You’ll learn in this class:

  • The in’s and out’s of the mysterious fragrance world
  • How to use scent to your advantage
  • Types of fragrances are best for you
  • How to create a personal wear ritual

This class was recorded live on January 31, 2021. Please be aware that live masterclass recordings may include audience responses and expert feedback from the live session.

Your Expert

Sterling Jones is the Founder and Lead Beaute Education Expert at The Beauté Study. Jones leads in teaching the fragrance masterclasses with a background in beauty education, editorial, sales and history. As the lead expert, she utilizes her background in fragrance, history and education to bring you fresh point of view of what fragrance can be like in your daily lives.