How to Learn Face Mapping For Your Acne

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Your face is the first thing that someone may notice about you. Did you know there is a system that can tell you what’s going on internally just from looking at your face? It’s called face mapping. It an ancient technique that illustrates that what’s internal affects external. You can even use face mapping for acne. From how your kidneys are doing to what bacteria are on your pillow, everything can affect your face. Your skin is your largest organ and it needs to be taken care of.


Tips To Help Reduce Acne

One of the easiest ways to flush out your body is to drink water. It helps your kidneys and gives some moisture to your dying skin. We like to pair some lemon with our water to make it more balanced and alkaline. Alkaline means having more than a p.H. level of 7 and more of an anti-oxidant.

The second tip is to change your pillowcases to a silk one. It helps reduce the tugging on your skin and if you change it out once a week can reduce the bacteria on the pillow. One of our favorite silk pillowcases is this one. Also, watch out for the bacteria on your phone too.

The last tip is to treat your skin nicely. As much as we love new products, having a consistent skincare routine aids your skin more than adding new products every week. Your skin needs to try new products and react positively or negatively for it to know what’s best. Invest in a good facial from a pro-facialist.


Out of these tips, we hope that you try the system of face mapping to understand what’s going on with your body. The body can be a mysterious being but, every day we are finding more about it.


The Beauté Study | How to Learn Face Mapping For Acne 02
Source: Natural Feeling Spa


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