Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Father’s Day. It’s one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. This article shares our gift selections for dads — fitness, wellness, beauty, and health. We got you covered with our selection of gifts while you figure out what restaurant to choose for dinner. 



Stylish and functional are two words that come to mind when thinking about Whoop. It’s a health tracker perfect for dads who want to track their progress in terms of sleep, activities, heart rate, and more in a single device. You can wear it on your watch band or in other places on your body. 



For the dad looking to take their health seriously this year, it’s a great time for them to invest in Bioniq. It’s a custom supplement brand that uses high-quality granules and allows you to pack all your nutrients in a single scoop. Our team has been loving this as it has cut down the amount of pills and powders to take on a daily basis. Plus, they have a subscription service that you can use for auto-delivery. 


Kane Footwear

Shoes are upgrading into the wellness category. Kane is here as one of the pioneers of active recovery shoes. In partnership with Dr. Geller, Kane created these shoes to provide more comfort and support to the feet, ankles, and needs. Plus, they are stylish and easy to wear all around the city. 


Initio Parfums Privée

We cannot forget any fragrance products for Dad. Our latest favorite for Dads is their Oud for Greatness Neo. It has a sexy, seductive scent with saffron, oud, and agarwood. Perfect for mom to give to dad for date night. 


Other suggestions we recommend for gifts include massages like at-home custom massages from Zeel. Great for active dads who may need muscle care, active recovery from workouts & activities, or an assisted stretching service. 


Happy Father’s Day! 

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