Base Notes


The base note is an integral part of a fragrance’s structure. It’s the longest-lasting impression of a scent. As a fragrance dissipates through the day, the base note remains as the final impression of a scent after the top and heart notes go first. They provide depth, stability, and comfort to the fragrance.

It is the final and longest-lasting impression of a scent that emerges after the top and heart notes have dissipated. Base notes provide depth and stability to a fragrance.


Traditionally, base notes are the strongest notes in the scent profile of a scent. These scents are typically derived from woody, resinous, or musky ingredients in the Woods and Balasams’ fragrance families. They can last for hours or days after application due to their strength.


How Perfumers Create Base Notes

Perfumers begin with creating scents from the bottom up. To perfumers, base notes are the first layer of fragrances to be built, as they are the strongest notes to hold the scent together. If you are going to experiment with creating a scent, you must try notes that are typically in the base notes.


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