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Meet Natalie Y. Bowman of Couture Color Analysis

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At the Beaute Study, we challenge ourselves and our readers to see these amazing stories of women founders killing it in their fields. One of the founders we have been excited to interview is Natalie Y. Bowman. She is the founder of Couture Color Analysis, a company that brings out the best features in women by using the power of color. In this interview, you will learn about her passionate work, her beauty lessons, and how to use color to change your life for the better.

How would you describe your passionate work to someone who has no idea what the power of color can do for them?

I analyze women’s features (hair, skin, and eyes) by draping them in different colors to determine which colors look best on them. Although I offer in-person color analysis, I mostly do digital analysis, which is so amazing because I can analyze women from all over the world! This is a passion of mine because it changed my life. I spent my entire life not knowing what colors look best on me, so I would always just buy what was trending or what I thought was cool. When clothes didn’t look right on me, I knew instinctively that something was off, but I didn’t know what it was or why.

It would be so cool if when you turned 15 you got a manual telling you what undertones you had, what your true natural colors are and why, and what type of makeup looks best on you, but of course, that’s not the case, and very few women know this information. Color analysis is something I recommend every single woman invest in. It truly changes the way you view yourself, how you shop, and how you curate your wardrobe. Not only that, it changes the way you feel when you are wearing colors that are in harmony with who you intrinsically are.

What is your current beauty routine?

I have a pretty basic beauty routine in terms of my skincare. I’ll wash my face and put on eye cream and moisturizer morning and night. I use It Cosmetics CC cream with sunscreen during the day, too. I’ve recently started using a jade roller at night which is soothing and lovely. I like to put on full makeup every single day, as I feel so much better when I wear makeup.

Eyelash extensions are a luxury that I love because mascara is the worst. Plus, when you wake up with perfect lashes every day is something that makes a huge difference in my appearance. I also get my hair touched up once a month, and I curl my hair most days. My fiancé likes my hair long, and I do too, so I will never cut it short.

Do you have a signature scent that you love to wear?

I do not have a signature scent, but perhaps The Beauty Study masterclass can help me with that! I was in the wine industry for most of my adult life, which is an industry where perfume is not allowed. A scent is very much appreciated by me and has been looking for a scent I love but haven’t found the perfect one yet. Imagine if it could smell like a Northern Rhône Syrah or a Loire Cabernet Franc.

Who introduced you to the power of beauty?

I have always been drawn to the power of beauty since I was very young, as its power is simply undeniable. Dita von Teese was the woman who made me realize that beauty doesn’t have to be based on a single standard. You can create your beauty and glamour. I admire her immensely for how curated her style is.

If there is any beauty lesson you can give, what would it be?

I believe that, even though it may sound cliché, truly accepting yourself, looking at yourself, and seeing what your natural features are in a positive light is the best thing you can do for yourself.

You can, of course, decide to change things about yourself but studying and accepting yourself and taking care of what you were born with… will give you the power to work with instead of working against your natural features.

Color is one of the most underrated and needed aspects in beauty. What is one thing you wish women knew about the power of color?

I agree that the importance of color is underrated! What I find fascinating about color is that certain colors are naturally in harmony with our unique features. When we wear those colors, it’s like magic. There’s a different vibration that occurs. People will probably not be able to identify what it is, but they will know that there’s something about you that is elevated. The magic is that your natural beauty is being amplified. Your hair is shinier and more complex, your eyes are magnetic, your complexion is brighter, and your skin is even, firmer, and lifted. All because of the colors you are wearing.


In fashion, it seems that the power of trend rules the industry. As a color analyst and future personal stylist, what tips would you give the woman who is not looking to follow the trends?

I believe not following the trends is a fabulous way to live your life. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also much more budget-friendly. It can be challenging, however, to not be pulled in by all the people you see on social media touting the most recent ridiculous thing.

Here are a few tips for those that want to live a life not addicted to the trends.

I truly believe the first thing to do is to invest in personalized information about you. Invest in color analysis and invest in a stylist to help you understand your body type. Hands down these are one of the best style investments you will ever make. Next, write down how you spend your time. Break it down. This will clue you in as to what type of clothes you need that fit your lifestyle. You can be a little aspirational here, but don’t forget to style yourself for your life now.

After that, create a lookbook through Pinterest of styles that you love and write out what it is you need in your wardrobe to achieve that look. I recommend looking at more classic styles that are considered timeless. They won’t ever look dated. When you shop, do it very intentionally so that you don’t get swept away by anything and everything.

It takes discipline, but if you can focus on the curation of your true vision, you will build a wardrobe of clothes that look great on you and that are easy to mix and match. A little tip: shop in “modules”. Put together a single module of two bottoms (skirt/pant/short) that both go with three different tops and one jacket/blazer. Add jewelry and one or two pairs of shoes to that and perhaps a dress. This gives you several complete outfits. Then create another module that ideally can be interchanged with the first module. If you work in this way to create a wardrobe, you will have infinite options.

What is the process of color analysis and why should every woman get one done?

The process of a Couture Color Analysis can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on where you live in the world. With a Couture Color Analysis, I send you physical color analysis cards that you will hold up to your face when taking pictures. I also send very detailed instructions on how to take the best pictures. There are about 17 pictures to take in specific lighting.

I compare warm vs cool colors, soft vs bright colors, and light, medium, and deep colors to determine your color type. There is a chance you will be in between color types, and it will be explained why. I put together a bespoke 30+ page report showing you in all of these different colors. Then,  you can see for yourself why certain colors look better on you like which neutrals work, which lipstick and blush colors look best on you, and more

The results are a lot to take in, so I offer a virtual session to discuss the results and ask any questions you might have.

What are your favorite colors on all types of women?

The only color that is truly universal is navy. However, some women look better in lighter navy and others in darker navy. Other than that, I believe it is dependent on your color type. Even though red, blue, green, purple, and yellow are considered universal colors, there are so many variations of those. This means that what looks good on one could look terrible on another.  The undertones in those colors make a huge difference. That is why a color analysis is so important!

How can a woman who is looking for the perfect red lipstick find her signature shade with color analysis?

Red is a universal color, so yes there is a red for everyone. Three factors play into the right red for you. The first is bright or soft. Depending on if your features are bright or soft, you may look better in a bright cherry red or a muted red. Next is the undertone. There are cool-toned red lipsticks (look for the word blue) and warm-toned red lipsticks (look for orange or yellow).

Finally, there is depth. If all of your features are very light, of course, a lighter shade of red will be best. But if you have a lot of intensity and pigmentation to your features, the light red will look off. You’ll want a red with a lot of pigment to it to match your gorgeous natural colors. With a Couture Color Analysis, I always tell women which reds are best. I am excited to announce that we are offering new personalized lipstick suggestions by teaming up with certified makeup artists!

If you are interested in Color Analysis, check out Natalie’s website here. Be your greatest asset by investing in yourself.

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