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We have recently interviewed powerful women living intentionally every day for our ‘Take Care‘ series. Each of these women has taken their time to change their old ways from business to personal. From hair influencers to editors, they challenge themselves to show the good and the bad to their audiences.

As a platform, we spotlight these women on their journey. We dedicate this time to asking the tough questions of what is their beauty ritual, how are they taking care of themselves and how has this pandemic changed their life.

Meet the face behind ‘The Blended Beauty‘ aka Florence. A Social Media Coach and beauty influencer that embodies confidence in her everyday life. Florence is now a full-time content creator that dedicates her time to support cruelty-free beauty brands, sustainable living, as well as help content creators get paid. In her former life, she worked in Public Relations for an Atlanta-based haircare brand. She is utilizing her skills to teach other content creators on their worth as influencers.


What does the Blended Beauty mean to you? 

“It stems from being proud to be a bi-racial woman. I’m half Filipino and Bajan. This name was a way for me to represent both of my cultures. The first question people ask me when they meet me, isn’t my name, its [‘What is your ethnicity?’] Growing up I had identity issues, navigating through both spaces and being scared that I wasn’t Filipina enough or black enough, and dealing with colorism. I never felt like I fit in. I really embraced and explored both sides of myself in college and gave myself this moniker.”



No matter how unique a product is, a brand won’t sell SKU’s if no one knows about it. Public relations is the art of elevating awareness.”

“One thing I want to mention is PR is not a noun. Public Relations is a field of work. You can’t receive Public Relations. This is an unfortunate misnomer that has been perpetrated by mega-influencers. When a brand reaches out to ship your products to try, you are receiving gratis or in-kind gifting.”

“Tips for creators:

  • Have your email in your Instagram bio. Many campaign managers look at Instagram on their computers where the email button is disabled.
  • Only accept products if you’re really interested and it truly aligns with you. It’s ok to say no.”


Do you feel that this crisis has changed your outlook on life as a content creator and entrepreneur?

“My fiance posed this question to me the other day. I worked at a chiropractic office before the pandemic, and the hours were long. From 9:30 am to 8:30 pm,  four days a week, which was difficult. It made me realize although I love the medical field I really want to give my all to my passion for content creating and helping creators elevate their influence with my social media coaching. This time has made me realize more clearly how precious life is and I want to spend it doing something I love.

Recent events also have shown me the importance of rituals and time management. Working from home was very hard to adjust to. Rituals like my morning breathwork before I look at my emails is important for me to recognize the shift. I also play a closing song to represent that my workday is over. This week it was Lianne La Havas – Fairytale.”

What’s your current beauty routine like right now? Has it changed since the crisis?

“Actually, it has. I don’t want to do as much. I’ve been looking and analyzing what my face needs depending on the day. Overall, my skin type is oily, acne-prone. But, right now, I have some active [chemical products] in my routine, so it is a dry combo.”


“In the morning, I splash my wash with tepid water and go straight into a hydrating toner. It has completely changed my skin, especially with oil-production. My skin is more balanced. My favorite right now is Averr Aglow Clarifying Hydration Dew. Then, I go in with a serum. Currently, I am using GlowRx Vitamin C serum. This has a derivative of Vitamin C called Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate.

This derivative is known to really help acne-prone skin. It’s also a black-women owned brand. Next, I go in with my sunscreen, which also takes the place of my moisturizer. I’m loving the Protect + Glow Sunscreen from Tula. Their sunscreen is good because it doesn’t have a white cast and is very hydrating. I have sensitive eyes and this formulation doesn’t cause any burning and stinging. Did I mention it’s an awesome base for makeup? Yeah, this sunscreen is a multipurpose queen!”


“I am more of a ‘no makeup’ makeup type of person. I don’t know how to do cut crease eyeshadow looks or how to properly do winged eyeliner consistently. Maybe, I will learn that during this time at home.”


“I love masking at night. Lovinah Skincare has a Dragon’s Blood- Probiotic Exfoliating Mask that never leaves my bathroom. It’s pore-detoxifying and helps with my hormonal acne breakouts. I’m also on a journey to get rid of all my sheet masks this year since they are not sustainable. I’m trying to reduce my consumption of one-time use treatments. A goal of mine this year to go reduce my carbon footprint.”


What do you want the Blended Beauty to mean to your audience especially after this crisis?

“I want people to own their unique purpose in life. To want people to come to my space and feel empowered to be their most authentic selves. I love uplifting people. It’s one of my superpowers in life.

Honestly, every time I go on Instagram and get a DM [direct message] about how I helped someone get a paid brand deal, or how my story resonated with them, it makes it all worth it.

It shows that my voice means something to somebody and that’s powerful. 

So if you need a cheerleader in life and also love beauty, social media, and sustainable living content, I’m your girl, let’s be friends!”

To check out Florence’s social media channels, head over to her Instagram @theblendedbeauty and her Youtube channel. If you’re feeling stuck on your social media journey check out Florence’s Social Media Coaching Services:


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