How This West Indian Publisher Shares Bold Stories

Telling stories from voices unheard in the industry has been a massive part of this pandemic’s response to creating at home. From the United States’ movements that have sparked across the globe, new stories are being told from being home-bound to bold stories on their culture. Shari is one of these storytellers leading with these stories. She is a West Indian entrepreneur that co-founded Shuga N’ Spice Magazine, a print publication focused on bringing attention to the Caribbean’s diverse culture and lifestyle.


Who is Shari

Shari Stiell-Quashie is a first-generation where her parents are originally from Grenada, an island in the West Indies home to beautiful women that love natural remedies. She attended Bard College and get her postgraduate degree at Columbia University. Later, she created Shuga N’ Spice with Alissa Jacques to showcase how diverse the Caribbean region and its diaspora are, the fantastic talent, and vibrant culture. 

As we learn more about her, we want to find out more about what she is doing to take care of herself during this pandemic. “I have been keeping to myself a little bit. Reaching out to friends when I can just check upon them. I like to take my energy and put it elsewhere.” says Stiell-Quashie.

On Self Care

Building a routine for right now is essential for your mental health. The days seem to pass by for many people while at home. As for Shari’s beauty routine, she likes to keep it natural and straightforward. “I haven’t been wearing makeup at all at home. My skincare routine has stayed the same. The only thing that has changed in my routine is my hair routine. I use this brand called Be All Natural, that’s located in Carriacou, Grenada. They have recently restarted shipping again after the effects of COVID caused price increases. So, that has been difficult. I have come up with some DIYs for my conditioner. A little bit of a challenge.”

On West Indian Culture

As for Shari’s culture, we were excited to learn about her islands’ background and how they influenced her beauty routine. “When it comes to beauty, it really comes down to confidence. My family is from one of the sister islands in Grenada called Carriacou. Every time I go back, I always feel good about myself. All the women are so confident and comfortable in themselves. It’s all about natural beauty.” As for makeup, many women are all about the glow that showcases your inner beauty outwardly. 


“What I can say about West Indian women, we all are very confident in ourselves. No matter what size you are or what your skin tone is. We all are very confident about ourselves.”

Shari Stiell-Quashie

Shari’s Advice

For those who are wanting to become entrepreneurs, Shari says, “It’s okay not to follow the trend. We are already not following the trend (as a magazine) since we are print.” For those on a journey for self-growth, “Know and understand your worth. Don’t feel like you have to be defined by anyone. You are the only person you have to answer to at the end of the day.” 

Author Profile

Sterling Jones
Sterling Jones is the Editor in Chief of The Beauté Study, where is responsible for leading the editorial calendar and creation of online educational content across all categories, brand partnerships, VIP concierge, agency-side of business, and online classes. Sterling loves to write and create engaging content about the power of beauty, cultural trends and lifestyle brands. She founded this platform in 2017 and organically grown into a trusted media platform with the support of a growing population of feminine women growing and defining in their beauty epiphanies. Under her leadership, the brand has worked with other brands in partnership like La Mer, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Mejuri, Follain, Cocokind Skincare, Moisture Love, Rein Beauty, Proven Skincare, The Beaute Culture Conference, QCNY Luxury Spa, Merit Beauty, and more. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sterling holds two undergraduate degrees in Art History and Business of Beauty and Fragrance, the perfect blend between cultural know-how. She can be found on all socials under @thesterlingstudy.

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