How to Contour Your Face

a black woman who is close up to the camera with four dots on her cheek to highlight the beauty product
Photo by Adrienne Andersen

Have you ever wondered why models’ faces look sharper with makeup? It’s all in the power of contouring. In this article, we breakdown what contour is, how to do it, and where to begin. Learn with us how to contour your face.

What is Contouring?

Contour is a makeup technique that was created to shape and outline your face in its key features. Key places include your nose, cheekbones, forehead, chin, and jawline. You can extend it down your neck to your collarbones as well. It plays with the concept of light and dark on your skin. 

In contouring, you are using a darker pigment to outline your features to encourage more shadows on your face. It can give you the illusion of sharper cheekbones, bigger eyes, and lips. For a darker share, We recommend going two colors darker than your natural skin tone. For a lighter shade, we recommend going up two shades lighter. 

They have contour in two types: creme contour and powder contour. You need to experiment with both to get an understanding of which is the best for you. 


How to Begin

Start with the easiest feature on your face, which is the nose. You are going to outline your nose with a darker contour color. We recommend extending your contour to your eyelids to blend the shadows better. Now, use a second brush or sponge to blend it in further. 

Next,  you want to contour your cheekbones. We recommend contouring your cheekbone directly on top of it. If you decide to do it under the cheekbone, it will bring down your face. That technique is more of the drag-style contouring, which is more dramatic and theatre-like. 

Last, you want to contour the rest of your face. Use the last bit of powder or creme on your brush to follow your jawline and forehead. After this, continue to blend with a new clean brush to make sure the product is not noticeable on the skin.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is important to practice your skills with contouring. You will find out what works for your face the best. We like to shape our eyes with creme and use powder for the rest of the face. 

Contouring can improve your look from subtle to dramatic! Let us know how it goes when you try this technique.

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