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We are excited to announce our first live virtual class on the art of fragrance and how to smell irresistible. Why fragrance you ask?

Imagine yourself…

Walking down the street wearing your best outfit with your favorite fragrance. As you walk, heads turn to watch as you flow by. As you walk away, you hear, “She smells amazing!

Do you want to have that effect on people? We are here to show you how.

Do you want to have that effect on people? We are here to show you how.

You’ll learn..

  • The in’s and out’s of the mysterious fragrance world
  • How to use scent to your advantage
  • Types of fragrances are best for you
  • How to create a personal wear ritual

You’ll get…

  • Ability to ask questions with Fragrance Expert and our Founder, Sterling Jones
  • Recording of our class to keep forever
  • A book to guide you on your journey into the fragrance world
  • Ability to understand what it takes to build fragrance into your ultimate aura

After this class, you will never see fragrance the same way again. Purchase your instant access today and check out our other workshops. If you are curious about our other classes, you can purchase instant access recordings.

United Kingdom

"I loved it! There were so many valuable tips, and the PDF guide at the end was such a nice complimentary bonus!"  —  V.N, United Kingdom

United States

“I really enjoyed The Beauté Study's fragrance class! Sterling is extremely knowledgeable and she has  inspired me to put real thought towards thinking about myself as a brand and how I want to present myself.” — A.J., United States  

United States

"Just great advice on picking the right scent from Sterling, Founder of The Beauté Study. Highly recommend her classes if scent shopping overwhelms you!" — K.M., United States  

United States

"It was so informative. Sterling opened up a whole new world of fragrance for me. First time I've ever been excited about my homework." — J.H., United States  

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