Sterling’s Current Stay At Home Hair Care Routine

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Out of the products being used this quarantine, we have been pulling from our own hair stashes.

When you are doing your hair, you want to make sure you have your space relaxed. Our founder is staying safe at home and highlight’s her ritual for it.

Aquis 01 Prime Water Defense Prewash

“An easy to use spray that is great for prepoo’ing. The goal of this product is to protect your hair from bad water. I find it makes my hair softer and easier to comb through in the shower.”

ProTip: If your city has water problems, we recommend getting this product and a new filter like this one from T3.  This PreWash was gifted to us by Influenster.

Cantu ACV + Tea Tree Soothing Shampoo

“One of the best clarifying hair washes that I had in my hair drawers. I have been using a lot of thick hair products lately.”

ProTip: This shampoo is easy to use with the product opening at top and best for clarifying your hair. We previously did a review on the Cantu’s TXTR line. 

The Beauté Study has a brand partnership with MoistureLove. You can use our referral link and code “THEBEAUTESTUDY” for 15% off.

Moisture Love Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo

“A great hydrating shampoo that perfect due to the liquid texture of the product. I have been enjoying using this product more than my cream-based shampoos. It does contain fragrance oil but, it is very hydrating and not stripping.”

ProTip: It pairs well with a good prewash to make sure your hair is in it’s best shape.

Moisture Love Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner

“One of the best conditioners I have tried for hydration. It is a cream-based formula that is the perfect texture for spreading across your hair.”

ProTip: Use a square size amount to start. You don’t need much product to evenly coat your hair. The product is spreadable. The key ingredients are Rosemary Leaf Extract, Cator Oil and Rice Bran Oil.

Moisture Love Now & Forever Leave-In Conditioner Serum

“I have a love and hate relationship with leave-in conditioners. This one is on the LOVE side of the relationship. It is different from any leave-in I have tried before. The texture of this product makes it perfect. It is a lightweight and spreadable formula that is exactly like a serum. It’s a perfect end to my wash and go routines.”

ProTip: This product spreads super easily. Only use a quarter size to start at your ends and continue up.


Feel free to check out our founder do her hair routine on our IGTV channel.

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