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This year, there has been a personal self-interest of taking care of my health with wellness-centered services. New York City is full of aesthetically pleasing and benefit-driven wellness service providers like Next Health. This center is dedicated to providing each one of its clients’ health longevity with forward-thinking personal health care. Next Health NYC invited me to their center to experience their services after my initial visit to their pop-up at WTHN, an acupuncture studio.


Infrared Light Therapy at Next Health NYC

I experienced a 30-minute session with a full infrared light therapy bed. My goal for my session was to recharge my energy by targeting key muscles in my body, like my calves and lower back. I chose Next|Health’s infrared light therapy service targeting movement, which aims to reduce pain in the muscles, and skeletal and facial areas at a targeted light hertz (Hz) of 1168 Hz.

What’s an infrared light therapy bed? It’s a full-bed chamber that is designed with over 13,000 high-intensity red, blue, and infrared LED lights. They are positioned close to your skin to activate your cells and the health benefits it provides over time. It can stimulate white blood cells to repair damaged tissues and increase college production.

My experience with the chamber bed was sensational. To experience the full experience, I was guided to a private room with an infrared light therapy bed. As recommended, they encouraged me to undress to my comfort, choose my targeted session, cover my eyes, and lay in the bed fully closed. It felt like a heated chamber, slowly increasing in warmth and heat over time. My body relaxed over time as the red, warm lights beamed on me in my session. I woke up from my session feeling like waking up from a cocoon.

Cryotherapy at Next Health NYC

Now where there is warmth, there is also cold. Next, I tried the non-nitrogen, whole-body cryotherapy for a blast of cold. I have seen athletes like Lewis Hamilton have utilized this treatment as one of their wellness treatments for training. The benefits include reducing chronic pain, decreasing inflammation, enhancing immunity, improving circulation, improving athletic recovery time, and more. As someone who prefers heat versus cold, I was tested with one minute of blasting cold air. After speaking with Next Health, I learned the benefits of cryotherapy and how the health service encourages its clients to utilize it to its fullest potential. “This treatment is an advanced cold therapy that was originally developed to help treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and is now utilized to optimize your health,” says Next|Health. In my chamber experience, the staff blasted music, encouraging me to move and keep warm in the cold. In response to this movement, Next|Health mentions, “this natural, protective response [of the body] to the extreme cold triggers several systems of healing within the body.” The cold woke me up after my nap in the infrared red therapy bed.

NuCalm Pro at Next Health NYC

To end my visit to Next|Health, I had a session with their NuCalm Pro service and wonderful tea to warm up. NuCalm is a neuroscience-driven experience that is utilized to calm the mind and place yourself in a deep relaxation state to recover. The experience came with a facial eye mask to block out all light, sound-blocking headphones that played the customized curated sounds targeted to my brain, and a NuCalm Pro patch on my arm. Later, I learned that the three-step process works together with clinically proven technology that calms the brand through brain waves and calms the nervous system.

After my session, I felt refreshed, calmer, and ready to conquer the rest of my week. The staff made the experience one to remember with how meticulous they were with your care, from checking your vitals to informing you of their services before you try, and having great energy throughout the visit. To learn more about Next Health, visit their website, www.next-health.com. They have locations in New York City, West Hollywood, Century City, Studio City, and Maui and provide at-home treatments and memberships.

Disclaimer: Our editor was invited to come to Next Health without expectation of a review after paying for their first experience with Next Health NYC service through their partnership at WTHN Studio.

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