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The staff at The Beaute Study experienced a press trip experience in exchange for our honest review of QC Terme’s QCNY Spa at Governor’s Island, NY. 

 Welcome to the Spa

QCNY is the newest spa in town that’s perfect for an all-day affair. On Governor’s Island in NY, the island is home to QC Terme’s first US spa. As a lover of spas, I will say that QCNY takes pride in ensuring that your personalized experience there is top-notch. The spa’s wellness experience allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy life away from the noisy city. You will take a ferry ride from NY to Governor’s Island, that’s only a five-minute ride.

QCNY's gorgeous fragrance salon where you can see a table of diffusers named after different cities
QCNY’s beautiful fragrance table of different diffusers

Enter the Spa

Once you enter the lobby, you are greeted with all smiles from the staff and gorgeous decor. One of my favorite portions of QCNY is the ARIA fragrance studio, where you can see all the custom city-based fragrances. This NY-based spa has its signature scent that you can smelt throughout the building. If you are interested in taking a fragrance home, you can purchase the fragrance alongside their skincare line in the lobby. 

You will see the gorgeous and unique decor as you are guided through the spa to the elevators. It reminds me of a refined getaway cabin with spa staff wearing similar prints to the building decor. You are in a for a treat as you arrive at the changing rooms. The changing rooms have Dyson Air Wraps, showers, assigned lockers, a bag filled with your own Frette robe, flip flops, and a take-home bag for your swimsuit. The attendants are attentive to your needs for items such as plus-sized robes, bigger flip-flops, and room recommendations as you prepare for your journey into an oasis. 


QC Women's Changing Rooms
QC NY’s Changing Rooms where you get a chance to view the story of the owner’s family

Key Rooms at QCNY Spa

QCNY has plenty of rooms of wellness experiences that you can enjoy while there. There are over 20 rooms that you can enjoy, including saunas, steam baths, red light rooms, relaxation rooms, and showers. Diving into our favorite rooms inside of the wellness spa for your key visit moments: 

  • You should experience Vichy showers every time you go to this spa. A Vichy shower is an aromatherapy shower spraying 5-to 7 different showerheads. You would lay down vertically on a massage table to receive the treatment. It’s a perfect water-based massage that aids you in clearing the sinus and preparing you for other rooms in QCNY. This shower is also known as a table shower, which benefits toning and energizes your body as a detox.
  • The infrared room is perfect for those who want to target inflammation while relaxing and releasing stress. As the red light therapy is working, take a moment to relax on the pillow and take in the energy. Red light therapy reportedly aids in strengthing collagen production and muscles. It is also one of my esthetician’s favorite tools to use on my skin for acne. 
  • The Rosemary Sauna & Mint Steam Room are perfect companions to your detoxing rituals. If you need to get rid of the winter blues, these two rooms are ideal aromatherapy experiences to enjoy. I recommend not staying in the mint steam room for too long since it is a cooling but hot sensation inside the steaming sauna. Next, relax in the Rosemary sauna for the perfect cool down and detoxification. 
The infrared room at QCNY has a place where you can sit and relax under the lights
The infrared room at QCNY has a place where you can sit and relax under the lights

Services at QCNY Spa

Once you enter QCNY Spa, you are entering an experience with excellent service and attentiveness. Before you head to the island, here are vital services that you should be aware of:

  • Massage Therapy is a signature service at QCNY that deserves its praise. I personalized my massage experience to target my targeted areas. My masseuse incorporated aromatherapy treatment in my experience, allowing me to breathe in, relax and smell glorious post-treatment. 
  • The dining experience focused on food that centered around wellness and relaxation. In my personal experience, this is a service that QCNY has to adapt to be better alongside the structure of the indoor seating. The seating can be a crowded space for guests with their meals. The food was an experience that did not meet 100 of my expectations from past luxury experiences. However, the service by the staff was excellent, and I made sure with other guests to include those concerns to them. 
  • During my visit, the pool was not open for two reasons. Since this spa is newly opened and renovated, the city has not been able to inspect the pool for safety reasons. It was also not the time for the pool to be open for the summer season. Future guests can relax in the pool with aromatherapy-infused water and underwater music to enjoy. The outdoor garden is gorgeous and overlooks the city.

This spa has a daily admission that you can purchase to enjoy all of the rooms. If you want to experience the massage services and the curated menu, these services require an additional payment to experience. The spa closes late, which is perfect for visitors who want to spend the entire day at the spa. The ferry will take you back to the mainland and your daily life. Enjoy the QCNY Spa!


a view of the QCNY Pool
Here’s a view of the QCNY pool that will soon be open for the summer



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