3 Lessons We Learned At The Summit 21 Conference

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21 Ninety launched its first conference called Summit 21. They made it their goal to as a way to bring change for the lifestyle of black women. This conference was located in Atlanta, GA at America’s Mart. When you first walk in, you may see bold colors in a sea of black women ready to take over the world. 

2019 had a line up to remember. Key figures like doula Latham Thomas, stylish fashionista Vic Styles, businesswoman Alex Wolf, music journalist Karen Civil and CRWN Mag Editor Lindsey Day were at the conference. All of these women came together to share their knowledge. 


Networking is Important

Out of the many breakout sessions, we found that many women were networking among themselves. From giving our business cards to sharing social media channels, each woman there was looking for a new connection they could make in the room. Black women are leaders in making new friends and entrepreneurship. So, it was no surprise to us. 

Being Culturally Wealthy

Alex Wolf gave a beautiful presentation on cultural appropriation. There has been seen a higher increase of cultural appropriation. “As a black woman, you are already culturally wealthy,” says Alex. Knowing your truth keeps you culturally wealthy. 

Don’t Be Afraid

Black women are gold mines. They spend time staying active on social media. Black women love spending money on beauty products. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself. They have the power to control their narrative. 


Summit 21 conference gave us new lessons to use in our everyday lives. At the TBS, we enjoyed going to the breakout seasons. The fireside chats felt like you were chatting with a sister. Investing in yourself is important for your self-growth. 21 Ninety’s conference is a great way to do that. We hope to attend the experience again next year.


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