How to Build Your Fragrance World Course

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The ultimate course to learn the power of scent! If you have ever desired to smell alluring, choose your ultimate signature scent, develop a fragrance etiquette and understand the art of perfumery, this course bundle will show you all these things and MORE!

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If you ever desired to smell alluring as you walked into the room, the class, “How to Smell Irresistible’ is for you.

The class ‘How to Choose the Right Scent for You’, helps you narrow down the signature note that makes you smell amazing while standing your ground at the beauty counter.

If you want to learn how to look like an expert from how you hold a strip to making a shopping strategy at the counter, the class ‘The Art of Fragrance Etiquette’ is for you.

In the class ‘The Art of Perfumery’, you gain experience on how to build your brand from learning the key things you need to know about fragrance, marketing strategies, and a live class session that visualizes how to make a perfume.

You get access to not one, but three of our exclusive guides to help you dive into the world of scent…

  • 5 Ways to Build your Signature Scent
  • The Muse Strategy, a Guide to Shopping for Scents
  • Create Your Fragrance World, a Guide for Beginning Perfumers

United Kingdom

"I loved it! There were so many valuable tips, and the PDF guide at the end was such a nice complimentary bonus!"  —  V.N, United Kingdom

United States

“I really enjoyed The Beauté Study's fragrance class! Sterling is extremely knowledgeable and she has  inspired me to put real thought towards thinking about myself as a brand and how I want to present myself.” — A.J., United States  

United States

"Just great advice on picking the right scent from Sterling, Founder of The Beauté Study. Highly recommend her classes if scent shopping overwhelms you!" — K.M., United States  

United States

"It was so informative. Sterling opened up a whole new world of fragrance for me. First time I've ever been excited about my homework." — J.H., United States  

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