A Letter from Our Editor: Welcome to 2023

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As we are ending the first week of the new calendar year, I want to say thank you. The Beauté Study has grown so much in the past year. Welcome to 2023 – a bright, emerald year for us all.

We have built connections to you as a creative driven business honoring your beauty rituals and epiphanies.

We have decided what works for us and what doesn’t by closing chapters like our fragrance masterclasses and opening new notes like our concierge service.

Together, we are focused on building a community of experts and beauty lovers like you to bridge the gap of what beauty can be — from physical products, expert services and lifetime inspired experiences.

As someone who has experience beauty in different touch points from a lover, a sales associate, an writer, a educator, a historian and a marketer: I find that beauty showcases a portion of human life that cannot be replaced. It shows us what cultural lifestyle is like from our personal and communitical lens.

Now, where do we begin in the new year?

We have begun with sharing out our New York Winter Concierge guide that you can view for free until January 30th. In this concierge service, you will receive our quarterly guides for key locations like New York and Atlanta. This service also features a 1:1 online session with an expert to help you meet your beauty goals for the year.

Until then, stay tuned to our editorial side where we are creating and building new articles & essays dedicated to keeping you abreast of the intersection of beauty with lifestyle and travel opportunities.

All the best,


Editor in Chief

The Beauté Study

Author Profile

Sterling Jones
Sterling Jones is the Editor in Chief of The Beauté Study, where is responsible for leading the editorial calendar and creation of online educational content across all categories, brand partnerships, VIP concierge, agency-side of business, and online classes. Sterling loves to write and create engaging content about the power of beauty, cultural trends and lifestyle brands. She founded this platform in 2017 and organically grown into a trusted media platform with the support of a growing population of feminine women growing and defining in their beauty epiphanies. Under her leadership, the brand has worked with other brands in partnership like Mejuri, Follain, Cocokind Skincare, Moisture Love, Rein Beauty, Proven Skincare, The Beaute Culture Conference, QCNY Luxury Spa, Merit Beauty, and more. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sterling holds two undergraduate degrees in Art History and Business of Beauty and Fragrance, the perfect blend between cultural know-how. She can be found on all socials under @thesterlingstudy.

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