How This Editor Restarts Her Wellness New Year’s Resolutions


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The holiday season is busy with traveling, visiting family and friends, and changing routines in a short time. Post holiday season, I am always in need of a restart and refresh. It starts from how I feel on the inside to external moments with wellness moments. In this article, I recap my wellness journey for the month of January and what I accomplish in the New Year’s resolutions.

At Home

The first thing I look towards after the holidays is my medicine cabinet. I am looking towards my supplements to see if there are any supplements that I am missing and if any herbs that I want to change out during the winter season. I do not want to get medicine overload and I get straight on my herbal goals.

Next, I look into the wellness tropical products that I am using. Some examples include: magnesium oil, magnesium lotion, magnesium bathes, epsom salt, cbd lotions, and more. These products are assistants to my mindset of eating well and being well. If I have any products that need to be restocked, I will do so. Tip: See of you can use HSA/FSA funds for these purchases alongside your supplements.

Then, I look towards my tools that I am using at home. My body is my biggest tool with form, function and movement. My goal is to take care of my body and the perspective towards it. Tools that I have at home to focus on my body include: yoga mats, acupuncture mat, electric nerve system and more. I make sure they are in top shape to be used or if needed to be replaced.

External Services

Wellness services are one of my favorite things to do all year around. In the new year, you get to experience new offerings and post-holiday centered rest. In the past year, my wellness services have been focused on the recovery of my body with personal goals I have. These are the services that I have done in the new year:


This is an acupuncture studio based on Flatiron and NoHo in New York City. It’s one of my favorite wellness places in the city for acupuncture, herbs, cupping and ear seeds. Alongside my acupuncturist, I focused on post holiday recovery with mental clarity, fatigue and stagnation in my body. The ear seeds and herbs are something so small to leave with for longer term relief. I always leave feeling refreshed and hoping for a longer session.


In partnership with WTHN, I attended a pop up from Next|Health at the WTHN Flatiron Studio. I enjoyed the services of an IV Hydration Drip, Vitamin Shot and Compression Boots. The hydration drip reminded me to stay hydrated post holiday season with my travels from a warm climate to cold climate. The vitamin shot gave me a boost of energy thoughout the day. However, the compression boots were stunning! I didn’t realize how similar they are to ice baths (remember those student athletes?) without the cold pain. Each service was spectacular and I will be visiting the Next|Health’s own studio soon.

For your new year, I would question yourself how are you spending your time developing your wellness routines. In a post-Covid world, many of us are getting used to an increased interest of our daily health in the Western world. Brands and services alike are invested billions into the wellness category from supplements, health services and policies. Team TBS recommends to take  some time to review what your current health status is like and adjusting if needed. These services are great choices to try or find an equivalent in your area.

Author Profile

Sterling Jones
Sterling Jones is the Editor in Chief of The Beauté Study, where is responsible for leading the editorial calendar and creation of online educational content across all categories, brand partnerships, VIP concierge, agency-side of business, and online classes. Sterling loves to write and create engaging content about the power of beauty, cultural trends and lifestyle brands. She founded this platform in 2017 and organically grown into a trusted media platform with the support of a growing population of feminine women growing and defining in their beauty epiphanies. Under her leadership, the brand has worked with other brands in partnership like La Mer, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Mejuri, Follain, Cocokind Skincare, Moisture Love, Rein Beauty, Proven Skincare, The Beaute Culture Conference, QCNY Luxury Spa, Merit Beauty, and more. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Sterling holds two undergraduate degrees in Art History and Business of Beauty and Fragrance, the perfect blend between cultural know-how. She can be found on all socials under @thesterlingstudy.

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