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The Beauté Study | TBS-Approved Playlist Moodboard

When we are creating new mood boards, music always sets the mood. Inspiration comes in many mediums. So, Sterling created this playlist moodboard to showcase along with TBS mood boards on social media.”Mood boards are always a good way to get insight into what you are creating. I love mood boards and I instilled them here at TBS,” says Sterling. 

Looking for a new playlist? Follow along with our playlist moodboard. As we collect new inspiration, the first thing on our minds is great songs that match the beautiful image. We recommend listening to this playlist with these headphones and making a mood board with us on Pinterest. As we pin away, we are listening to this playlist too. We recommend creating some affirmations in your mood board and highlight where you want to travel this upcoming year. 

Find the TBS playlist mood board across various music streaming platforms through our official brand account on Spotify. We hope you enjoy these playlists with a nice drink and your new moodboard. It will be updated as we continue to post our mood boards on Instagram.

If you want to listen to our other playlists, check out our playlist list here. If you have any suggestions, leave us a comment on what are your favorite songs to listen to. We hope you enjoy it.





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