Base Notes

These levels are how perfumers create fragrances. First, all perfumers start building their scents from the bottom up Base, Heart, and Top. Base Notes is the first layer of fragrances. It…

Eau de Parfum

  This fragrance level is the stronger one compared to Eau de Toilette. It is one of the most common levels that you see on the market today. It contains…

Eau de Toilette

This fragrance level is the least strong compared to Eau de Parfum (EDT). It contains 10% to 15% of oil concentration, aka pure perfume, before key ingredients like preservatives. Eau…

Heart Notes

This is the second layer of fragrances. You may see this layer of notes also called ‘Middle notes’. In the industry, it is known as the second base. This is…

Top Notes

This is the third and last layer of fragrances. It is first to evaporate over time because of how weak the ingredients are. As a recommendation, do not choose a…

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