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Why Celebrity Fragrance Lines are on the Rise

Beauty and fragrance tend to work in partners, and the skincare industry with celebrities is on the rise as well. But, what about the celebrities whose branding do not fit into the skincare category. Enter the power of scent. From…

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Discover The Beauté Concierge Membership

The Beauté Concierge is a high-touch membership service launched to be your “little black book” service of beauty with 1:1 consultations with our Beauté Experts in image consulting, fragrance wardrobe building, and personalized recommendations to signature beauté experiences.

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Check out Governor’s Island Newest Luxury Spa QCNY

The staff at The Beaute Study experienced a press trip experience in exchange for our honest review of QC Terme’s QCNY Spa at Governor’s Island, NY.   Welcome to the Spa QCNY is the newest spa in town that’s perfect for…

“Beauty is something that should be a ritualistic experience. Spas are home to that ritual – like an Altar to Venus.”

Sterling Jones, Founder of The Beauté Study