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Sterling Jones Shares Her Best Beauty and Wellness Products of 2023

Was your 2023 a fun beauty-filled year? There were so many amazing launches that I personally enjoyed and experienced. Beauty can be a fun place of enjoyment for people to experience. It has been for me this year. I want…

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Discover The Beauté Masterclasses

The Beauté Masterclasses are a series of high-quality, expert taught classes launched to educate all about the power of fragrances and perfumes. Over 100 students across six different courses have joined us to learn about the perfume, fragrance history, etiquette, perfumery and more.

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We Tried Skinney Med Spa in NYC and Here’s What Happened

Are you looking for the ultimate spa experience? Look no further than Skinney Med Spa, located in the luxurious Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. As part of our Spa Go-See series, we showcase the most prestigious spas, their unique…

“Beauty is something that should be a ritualistic experience. Spas are home to that ritual – like an Altar to Venus.”

Sterling Jones, Founder of The Beauté Study