Your Best Turn Up Playlist


As we continue to enjoy our live classes, we love to get our groove on before them.  Music gets our creative juices flowing and our time with it is personal.  We created this playlist called #TurnUp. Your best Turn Up playlist.

From setting the mood with right before our classes, we love this playlist. We recommend listening to this playlist out loud or with these headphones to best enjoy the experience.

Some of our editor’s favorites are on this playlist with the perfect tracklist. Sterling says, “While I am getting ready for the class, I love this playlist we put together. It took some time to make each song seem seamless and smooth into the right tone & setting. I hope you enjoy them as much as us.”

Go ahead and pour something to drink to enjoy the music. Head over to our brand Spotify accounts to enjoy the playlists.

If you have any suggestions, leave us a comment on what are your favorite late-night songs to listen to. Do you have the best turn up playlist?

If you want to listen to our other playlists, check out our playlist list here. We even have a playlist for our chill downtime.


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