Curvy, Curly, Conscious Inspires Self-Love in Atlanta

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All I can say is wow! Curvy, Curly, Conscious was an amazing event and experience! For those who are wondering, what is Curvy, Curly, Conscious? Curvy, Curly, Conscious is an event, where women of color come to together to experience self-love, meditation and overall beautiful love between women.

 Photo Source: Gdemeritte Photography

I have followed Curvy, Curly, Conscious for some time now and when I heard that they were coming to Atlanta, I jumped at the chance to volunteer.

Phot Source: Gdemeritte Photography

Curvy, Curly, Conscious gift bag

I was blessed to be a part of such an amazing squad of women, who support each other and enjoy each other’s presence. I want to say thank you to Shelah, Tashah, Kenda, Sabrina, and many more for getting this vision started and sharing with women across the country. For those who are reading and came to the event, thank you for your support!

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I had a chance to speak with Brittney of Trap Yoga Bae, and all I can say is that she is a goddess among us all.

Trap Yoga BAE is “Certified in Rishikesh, India, and Trap Certified in Oakland, California” according to her website. 

She is based in San Francisco and right now is on tour. She specializes in multiple classes and even has her own yoga clothing line.

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She is amazing at what she does and getting all of us hyped up for yoga. Trap Yoga is a different type of yoga than I’m used to. Trap yoga is of course with trap music, and it’s very upbeat. If trap music is your thing to listen to and you want to try a new workout class, definitely try it. Here is a link to Trap Yoga Bae’s upcoming classes on her tour.

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The Queen herself, Shelah Marie, who I can say now that she is such a positive being as she is on Instagram. I love how she constantly kept it real with us and her meditations really allow me to focus. Not only is she amazing in person, she has a spirit and vibe that is very humble and down-to-earth. She also has a meditation mixtape, click here to listen. If you want to know more about her, click here for her website.

Here is one of those events if you are in the journey of rediscovering who you are, self-love, meditation, and spiritual health. This is the event is for you. You have the support of over 100 women in the room, who you can connect with and may be going and growing on the same journey.

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My goodness, Dani is the woman constantly dropping gems of wisdom. Here’s a gem that stuck with me for a while.

“ I am focused on doing what I was put here on earth to do. Everything else is a distraction.” – Dani Spikes 

She was a joy to talk to and very full of life. If you need a love coach, Dani is the gal you need. She was constantly keeping it real with us. At CCC Atlanta, Dani had a breakout session and got personal with the women at the event about being a business woman, taking care with SELF Love and avoiding the toxicity of bad relationships. Dani also offers many things like Be Loved Box, with massaging oil candles & whipped butter,  21 day Self Love Workbook, a guide to the best relationship with YOURSELF, Free Coaching Fridays, The Spike Brunch for Couples and much more.

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Mimi Johnson  of The Glamtory  is an inspiring woman to watch! Mimi constantly was keeping it real with the ups and downfalls of reality tv. I enjoyed listening to her and Dani talk about being a black woman in business and talk about their challenges to get where they are today. If you want to know more about her or The Glamtory, click here!

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DJ Empress RAH is an Atlanta based female DJ, killing the game already. Originally from Oakland, CA, this DJ graced us with her amazing presence for the CCC event. She was the Lady of the Hour by killing her set with the event. She constantly kept everyone on their toes with music. She mixed around with music by a lot of Black Female Artists to start us off from the old jams in the 90s to the new ones. If you want to hear her music, click here to check her music out!

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Ladies and Gents, I have to mention Pienanny  of Atlanta. Her pies were ah-mazing! Her style of food is Caribbean based and the pies were something I have never tasted before. Of course, there was vegan options and options for those who still eat meat like me. I had the Chief’s Curry Chicken Pie and mmmm yummy! If you are Atlanta-based and want some awesome pies, Pienanny is your woman! Click here to order some pies! ♡

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Of all, my favorite part had to be the support of the CCC Atlanta Squad. We talked, bonded, and explored our selves a bit deeper over August. I can say I can’t wait for the next event in Atlanta, and I will continue to support this amazing brand. If you want to volunteer like I did, head over to Curvy Curly Conscious to sign up!

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If you are based in LA or just want to visit, CCC is coming to LA next! GO GO GO! The event is on September 17, and it’s an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. This self-love event is an opportunity for all beauties of all ages to go, and enjoy the day! There will be music, food, cocktails, massages, shopping, yoga and more!

Photo Source: Gdemeritte Photography

If you have any questions about CCC, feel free to contact me!

Click here for tickets!
If you want to become a vendor, photographer, videographer, caterer, or DJ for the CCC, click here!

My fellow squad member from MIAMI, who attended the Atlanta event and soon the LA event, also has a post about CCC! Click here to read it!

Also, CCC Atlanta Squad did a segment with Fox 5 Atlanta on the benefits of meditation and breathing! Check it out here!

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