Heart Notes


Heart notes, also known as the middle notes, are the second layer of fragrances. They hold the core of the fragrance composition. They become noticeable after the top notes have faded and provide the fragrance’s distinctive character.


Traditionally, the heart notes are the second layer of fragrances. Heart notes are typically made up of floral, fruity, or spicy elements from the Floral, Amber and Fruit Fragrance Families. They have moderate longevity, making them an essential part of a perfume’s overall profile. In the industry, this section of notes is known as the second base, too. They are great to add an additional traditional base note to the profile. 

How Perfumers Create Heart Notes

After the base notes, perfumers develop the heart notes. It is a great section of notes to experiment with, as this section diffuses more slowly than the top notesHeart notes include ingredients in the fragrance families, like flowers, greens, fruits, and spices.

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