How this Black Photographer Creates the Art of Portraits

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image: girl in profile looking to the right of the room)
(Portrait of Deun Captured by me)

Meet Deun

Deun Ivory is a Photographer and Art Director that is known for her amazing work capturing women of color. Her work is shown in mediums like Black Girl in Om, Apple, Nike, Glossier and more. Deun wanted to show how intentional her work was and we listened. In Atlanta, Deun created her first workshop dedicated to teaching black women and women of color the art of iPhone photography.

Portrait of Belinda
Captured by me

The Art of Portraits

30 Women together gather into a Peerspace studio to create their own stories with the guidance of Deun. Deun’s goal was to make sure each and every one of us left comfortable to carve out our own space. In light of the message, all the women were gifted with products from Glossier and the Lip Bar to show our inner glow outwardly. Imagine a space for women of color to grow into their intentional living space through their own eyes.

Each of us got together in groups of three to create a vision board, create the vision and make sure it was executed to our satisfaction. Thanks to the support of VSCO, all the women were gifted with a membership of VSCO X to powerfully edit our visions. The results were amazing.

image: girl standing in front of a golden yellow backdrop while staring into of the camera
(Portrait of Courtney Captured by me)

image: girl with curly hair posing while sitting in a chair staring into the camera
(Captured by Belinda, Edited by Me)

Our Lessons

Each woman was captured so beautifully. I still look at each one of these photos to remember the day. Deun made us feel comfortable in our own visions and to execute in new forms. We gave each other feedback and spread joy on how each of our photographs turned out.

Thank you Deun for being the amazing woman that you are and sharing what inspires you to create. Thank you Glossier and the Lip Bar for the beautiful products. Every one of us shined heavenly. Thank you Peerspace for the beautiful studio that helped us create magic. Thank you Artificial Uprising for the helpful booklet from the event and it was a physical piece I will cherish. Thank you VSCO for gifting us your powerful software. It has definitely changed my work.

Thanks to you for reading this piece. If you have the opportunity to attend an event with Deun, go and experience a moment of a lifetime. To hear more about Deun, head over to and listen to the podcast Deun co-hosts with Lauren Ash called Black Girl In Om. If you want to view all the amazing imagery made at the workshop, head over to VSCO under the hashtags #atldeun and #deunivoryxpeerspace.

Be blessed,

Sterling x


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