Three Tips To Do Makeup for High Flash Photography

Photography by Andrew Warner

As a beauty editor and publicist, I’ve honed my skills in selecting the right beauty products and makeup for high-flash photography.  At these high-end events, there are cameras everywhere! It’s not just about looking good in person but also about ensuring you shine in every photograph. I’ve always strived to make a lasting impression when I enter a room, and these three makeup tips for high-flash photography have been my secret weapon.


Tip 1: Full Coverage

First, I recommend always going for a full-coverage foundation and concealer. Full coverage means that you have a foundation covering anything on your face, from veins, acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and more. It will give you a proper base to work with, ensuring you have an even canvas. For the event, I was wearing La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear  Foundation in the shade Honey and Too Faced Cosmetics Born This Way Concealer in the shade ‘Latto.’ I applied it evenly on my face with a foundation brush in a pressing motion to make sure my foundation was even across my face.

For concealer, I use two different products if I know that I am doing high-flash photography. I use one full-coverage concealer and another under-concealer. The Bobbi Brown Undereye Corrector under-concealer helps to make sure that the undertone is even and pleasing. I use the shade ‘Bisque; to block out the purple under my eyes, and then apply a lighter concealer on top. I blend the under-concealer with my fingers daily, but I use a concealer brush for high-flash photography. To prevent flashbacks, you want to ensure your concealer is light enough on your skin, blended well, and it will show up more on camera.

I use two different powders to set them into my skin. I use a translucent powder under my eyes and all around my face. Then, I add a colored powder around the areas that need more help, such as dark spots on my chin. I use the baking method, where you apply your powder and leave it on your face for a few minutes. I tend to leave it for two minutes under my eyes and five minutes on my chin.

Tip 2: Add Depth

After making sure the base is good with concealer, foundation, and translucent powder, the next important step is adding depth back into your face. You can do that through bronzing, contouring, blushing, and highlighting your face. I contoured my face for this event around my cheekbones, brow bone, neck, and collarbone to ensure they stood out again after the foundation. Then I added bronzer on top to color my skin around the face. I followed with a cream-based highlighter called Strobe from Mac Cosmetics to highlight my cheekbone, brow, collarbones, chest, and arms. It helps you look hydrated and glow in a photograph.

Tip 3: Focus on Facial Framing

Finally, I suggest focusing more on your face’s framing features, which can make or break your look. What are the framing features of your face? Eyebrows, eyes, and lips. The eyebrow shape can make your face look happy or angry. Choosing how you like to fill in your brows – pencil, powder, or gel can also affect how your brows look on camera. I use a powder-based pencil with small strokes to not make my brows look too harsh, as my natural brows are very dark. I lift my brow arch when I apply my brow pencil and move hairs as needed to ensure all is filled in appropriately. Since I am being photographed, I tend to use a brow gel for these moments only to make sure nothing moves.

These are the three recommendations I give for makeup for high-flash photography. Do you have any favorite products or brands you have tried before an event? If so, what are they? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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