How to Shop at Vintage Stores

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Vintage Stores are a gem for any fashionista. You can find great pieces that sometimes are no longer in production. In thrift shopping, you need to have a game plan when you walk in. Here’s how I shop in vintage stores.

Know What You Want

In vintage stores, there are sometimes so many gems that you can get lost in. I tend you go in with an idea of what I am looking for. For example, I sometimes go to look for men’s business shirts that are a few sizes bigger than me for the oversized look. I sometimes have a couple of photos of looks I have in mind.

thrifted coat and skirt

Try Things On

If things are getting serious, I will try on some items. If I plan on thrift shopping all day, I would wear some leggings or some compression shorts. You never know if the items have been washed more you try them on. Trying things on help with putting outfits together. 

Know The Policies

If you are at a vintage shop, understand their policies on renting, returning, and exchanges. You want to make sure you understand their policies so you don’t deal with a headache with later. 

Shopping at Local Vintage Stores

Local Vintage shops also have great pieces for you to check out. Sometimes you can buy better jewelry and wool coats there. One of my favorite places in Savannah like the House of Strut that has a renting program and layaway program.


When you buy items, you can do some aftercare. This can include going to a tailor to get your piece fixed and tailored to your body. You can also get your jewelry cleaned with some jewelry cleaner and you can change the buttons for items. It makes your pieces more personal and better-taken care of. 

Shopping for Vintage is like a treasure hunt in itself. What are some of your favorite vintage shops? 


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