How to Build your Holiday Social Calendar

Inspired by this tweet from @elcavaqueen and asked by one of the members in the membership to go into detail, I am diving straight into the holiday party season.

Things to Note

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Let’s dive in!

When you are climbing the social ladder, you need to consider a few details:

  1. What are your personal networking goals?
  2. What industry are you interested in the most?
  3. Would you be able to provide an exchange for a connection?

These questions dive into social dynamics, which will be discussed further in the class series.

Let’s give example situations on how to get into these parties:

Angel is a young woman fresh out of college who is now working in New York City. She likes to volunteer at places like the Fresh Air Fund and United Way in her spare time. Over three months, she made her face known in the volunteer space, and she received an invitation for the yearly Christmas party via email (or her mailing address). By the time this party rolled around, she already had a budget in place for a ticket. She knew the budget price and time after connecting with an older volunteer on the planning party committee.

Celine is a housewife with young children in Atlanta, GA. To teach her children culturally, she decided to invest in a membership to the High Museum of Atlanta and attend their weekday Toddler Thursdays. After enjoying the exhibitions, weekday events, and Friday night jazz events for date night, her husband and herself decided to invest more money into the museum as patrons. After upgrading their membership, they get invitations to exclusive events for Patron Members, membership benefits at other museums across the country, discounts on camps for their children, and discounts on the husband’s favorite orchestra, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Kim is a traveling woman in her early 30s who is becoming more established in her career and is based in Los Angeles. This year, she invested in two private memberships. She invested in a private working space with Neuehouse for the Los Angeles-based houses and New York-based house. Next, she invested in the private members club focused on luxury lifestyle and travel, Quintessentially. When she is in Los Angeles, she works in the Neuehouse with her desk. If she is traveling for work for a place like London or Paris, Neuehouse provides a partnered members’ club for her to access and courtesy discount at Design Hotels properties worldwide. If she is looking for a better experience, she will contact the luxury travel advisors at Quintessentially to set up her trip. They were able to get her into the VIP parties at Art Basel Miami in December.

There are three different women with three different scenarios on how to holiday events. Angel connected with others through volunteering her time in exchange for environmental and community initiatives. Celine and her husband connected with others by investing in their children’s education and their love life through their patronage in the arts. Kim connected with others by investing her money, time, and pedigree with private members’ clubs and connections.

Enter the Game

The best experience to get into these events is always the long game. Why? It builds trust, recognition, and connections along the way. If you are looking for events to attend quickly this season, do the following things below:

  1. Check your email to see any events are in your inbox, especially if you signed up for any event newsletters.
  2. Choose an industry like politics, arts, or any charity-based organization’s calendar to see if they publicly posted their yearly holiday fundraising event.
  3. Choose one or two events to attend this year, and make a goal to leave with at least three solid connections.
  4. For next year, start to build a three to six-month plan around critical holiday times during the year in your country to attend events. Don’t forget key events in the luxury circuit like Art Basel Week, PGA Masters, etc.

Happy socializing!

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