Sterling Jones Shares Her Best Beauty and Wellness Products of 2023

Was your 2023 a fun beauty-filled year? There were so many amazing launches that I personally enjoyed and experienced. Beauty can be a fun place of enjoyment for people to experience. It has been for me this year. I want to share my best beauty and wellness products for the year 2023 – products, treatments, and experiences.


Blended Slick Hydration Treatment

A body serum created by Erica A. has been a signature part of my body care routine. This body serum has elevated my after-shower experience with how delicious the oil serum smells while maintaining hydration all year around. The scent profile includes papaya, blueberry, and Blue agave with key hydrating ingredients sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and safflower oil. The dry down of this product is quick and it has not stained any of my clothing. I have utilized this product as my go-to hydrator for any special events including galas and dates. Use this product as a base with any makeup creme highlighter for that extra glow. The best part: it is a black and female-owned small business! 

Delta of Venus by Eris Parfums

This is one fragrance that I wanted to gatekeep because it is so good. When I first smelled it, I gasped at the power and deliciousness of this with my favorite notes of Guava accord base note, Egyptian Violet Leaf middle note and Italian Bergamot and American Grapefruit top notes. This parfum remains to be a perfect introduction to the world of Eris Parfums, founded by Barbara Herman. The nose of this fragrance is Antoine Lie. I pair this scent with the Blended Slick Hydration Treatment as they are a match in heaven.

Synthetic Jungle by Editions of Frederic Malle

Gosh. This was a scent that grew on me all year. I was gifted this gorgeous scent since I love green scents and how powerful they can be in my moods. This scent includes the notes of  Basil, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, and Patchouli created by the perfumer Anne Flipo for Editions of Frederic Malle. The sillage and staying power of the scent have lasted all day on my skin and two days later on my clothing.

LightStim Tool for Acne by LightStim

I purchased this tool at the beginning of the year, and it has been the most used beauty tool in my toolkit. Acne treatments have been in my beauty wardrobe for years since I began puberty. As I get older, I still get acne and hyperpigmentation. Here enters the Light Stim. I utilize the tool when I feel and see an acne spot coming in – whiteheads all up to surfaced and killed in days. I love to use this tool for my hyperpigmentation the most as it has made my dark spots lighter over time. I have used this tool for my face, my chest, and my back.

Extra Lip Tint by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in Shade “Bare Raspberry”

I have gone through over six of these lip balms in the past year. It is my favorite lip balm and tint for the hydrating ingredients of Olive, Jojoba, and Avocado Oils. The shades of this lip tint line have been amazing for how beautiful they look on various skin tones including mine. I have tried Bare Pink and Bare Claret as well. Bare Raspberry remains to be my favorite with pink-tone looks.



Finally, I understood why everyone was so excited when Hydrafacial launched. This past year, I tested out Hydrafacial in partnership with Skinney Med Spa and the Upkeep Beauty app. The service was amazing alongside the facial experience. The exfoliation plus the hydrating treatment gave me a glow for weeks. It was a perfect pre-event facial as it made my skin smooth and radiant for makeup application. You can watch my video experience here with Upkeep Beauty.

Clear & Brilliant Laser Facials

Laser facials have been the rage for me this past year. I invested in a laser facial package at Laser Away in December of 2022, and I started my series of facials in January of 2023. I have seen an improvement in my skin texture, hyper-pigmentation, and radiant look to my skin. My favorite laser facial is the Hyper-pigmentation treatment of the Clear and Brilliant Laser Facial. There has not been a day where I regret doing a series of facials. 

Oxygen Facials

One of my favorite types of facials to get after a hot summer’s day. It’s a perfect add-on with a microdermasion treatment. An oxygen facial utilizes an oxygen machine that blasts cold oxygen onto the skin during the facial. I have seen a more hydrated appearance with cooled skin once utilizing this treatment. I recommend it after a peel or exfoliating treatment with a facial.

Electric microcurrents (Bio-Lift Facial)

I have tried some interesting facials this year but this one is the most unique. Rescue Spa has an electric microcurrent machine for facials with their signature Bio-Lift Facial. I have felt the buzz from the electricity through the sponges placed on my face to lift and contour my face, cheekbones, neck, and collarbones. I can understand why this facial is perfect for anyone getting ready for a special event or high-flash photography as the lifting techniques are beneficial. 


As someone with a former fear of needles, I never thought I would try acupuncture. Today, I can say it is one of my favorite wellness treatments. I have utilized a series of treatments with my healer, Dr. Silver, at WTHN Flatiron in New York City. Together, we built a treatment plan to help with bloating, cramps, anxiety, focus, muscle tension, and brain fog in the last year. Dr. Silver’s experience with Chinese Traditional Medicine and other modalities helped me heal my body. I recommend everyone to try a series of treatments of acupuncture. 



I recommend a sauna any day and all year around. It is one of my favorite ways to sweat anything out of my body. Plus, some saunas have great scent experiences with the heat. Some of my favorite experiences have been Aire Ancient Baths and QC Terme Spa in New York City. Both have different styles of saunas alongside the different types of crowds available year-round. Read more about my experience at QC Terme Spa in NY.

Red Light Therapy Bed

One day, I have a firm belief that I will have one of these beds in my home. I love red light therapy and its health benefits. This bed has been helpful in healing muscle tension that allows me to move and repair. I have been combining it with acupuncture, massages, lymph drainage, and cupping to get the maximum benefits. One of my favorite beds is available at Next|Health Studio in New York City.

NuCalm Pro

Brainwork has been one of the wellness themes this year. I tried this neuroscience-driven experience that is utilized to calm the mind and place yourself in a deep relaxation state to recover. It came with a three-stage process: a facial eye mask to block out all light, sound-blocking headphones that played the customized curated sounds targeted to my brain, and a NuCalm Pro patch on my arm. I enjoyed this brain journey while I was at Next|Health Studio in New York City.

Neurointuitive Work

Speaking on the theme of brain and subconscious work is a new level called Neurointuitive Work. I have invested hundreds of hours working with the originator, Keylee Miracle, on my subconscious to elevate my mind, heal from my past, work through my ancestral work, and more. One of the best investments I made with her is through a custom neurointutive audio track. Neurointuitive work’s closest cousin is clinical hypnotherapy with additional modalities created by Keylee Miracle. I am a firm believer that you cannot put a bandage and hope things will heal on their own – you need an expert to get to the root. One of the best investments I have made in the last two years.

I maintain a firm belief in dedicating time, currency, and attention to my beauty and wellness pursuits. It is a huge factor in my happiness to take care of myself and build these commitments in order to grow and age. Aging is a beautiful blessing that everyone does not have the chance to experience.

Disclaimer: Some of these products and experiences were gifted without expectation of a review and others were purchased with our own currency. Links to products may include an affiliate link, where our blog receives a small portion of the proceeds from your shopping experience via the brand. Thank you for your support!


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